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'The brazenness is shocking': Christopher Krebs, former Trump security official stunned by new coup memo revelations

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The law is a very blunt instrument. In so many ways, the 'law' simply does not work. There were two ... two ... attempts to impeach Donald Trump but both attempts failed. The idea that this man attempted to hold on to Presidential power with little respect for the norms is difficult to embrace.
I hope that the current investigations will result in permanently removing Donald Trump from the political scene together with his enablers. It is clear that something is going terribly wrong within the American body politic, and I find the amount of ongoing support for Trump difficult to comprehend.
Peter Burgess
'The brazenness is shocking': Former Trump security official stunned by new coup memo revelations

Matthew Chapman and Raw Story

January 26, 2022

During an interview with CNN's Tom Foreman this week, Christopher Krebs, who served as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency under former President Donald Trump, tore into the draft executive order that was meant to execute a coup and overturn the results of the 2020 election.

'It reads like a fictional thriller,' said Foreman. 'The inauguration postponed, voting machines seized by the military and Donald Trump's time extended by weeks. The December 2020 draft executive order could have triggered all of that if it had been signed and enacted before Joe Biden's win was certified.'

Foreman characterized it as 'a patchwork of conspiracy theories and dubious legal arguments previously pushed by Team Trump.'

'The sheer brazenness and illegality of it all is shocking,' said Krebs. 'This is a violation of a restriction on using federal troops for domestic law enforcement action.'

'We don't know who wrote the draft executive order,' said Foreman. 'There are a lot of rumors. We don't know why it was never signed or if it was seriously considered. But it fits into the desperate maneuvers by Team Trump to deny the unequivocal loss at the polls, even if this paper was not worth the paper it was written on.'

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