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NestlĂ© 😡

The experience of Didier Thouvenin, a farmer in Vittel, France who has challenged Nestle's corporate behavior

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Peter Burgess
re: NestlĂ© 😡 Allison Johnson, SumOfUs Unsubscribe 6:41 AM (12 hours ago) to me image of farmer Didier Thouvenin. Peter, Didier Thouvenin is a farmer in Vittel, France -- home to one of NestlĂ©'s massive water-guzzling projects. Together with other whistleblowers, he exposed that NestlĂ© was illegally dumping huge amounts of plastic and chemical waste, forcing it to admit to creating NINE massive dumping sites. But instead of cleaning up the mess and apologizing to local residents, NestlĂ© filed a legal complaint against Didier for trespassing! We know it won’t stop there -- there were 11 other activists with Didier that day and NestlĂ© is famous for doing everything they can to silence opposition to protect its profits. Didier just told us he URGENTLY needs to secure a lawyer to fight back. If enough of us chip in, we can create a legal defense fund for Didier and other brave activists standing up to NestlĂ©... can you help? CHIP IN $1 Chip in another amount Here’s what happened: in 2014, Didier and other local activists entered a field owned by NestlĂ© through an open fence, then dug a hole to find waste that was illegally and secretly buried underground. They filmed the whole operation, filled the hole, and left without causing any damage. As a result of their bravery, even more dumping sites were revealed -- putting NestlĂ© on the defensive. But now instead of taking responsibility -- NestlĂ© is coming after Didier! It’s not just illegal dumping that’s the problem. NestlĂ© pumps 800 million litres a year of precious groundwater out of Vittel, to bottle and sell for a huge markup. It’s stolen so much water that the local community now faces a water shortage, all while NestlĂ© continues to pump them dry! But with your help, Didier can stop NestlĂ© from operating with impunity. Winning will expose the devastation and help to finally bring accountability for the injustices it’s caused -- and any extra funds we raise will power our global fights against water theft. But Didier is a farmer, in a small, rural part of the country where NestlĂ© rules almighty. Without support from our community he’ll be bullied and bankrupted -- and NestlĂ© will get away with stopping at nothing to protect its profits once again. Our community has been working closely with local activists in Vittel to fight back against NestlĂ© since 2019. First, we collected funds when no one else was to empower them to organize. And last year, when NestlĂ© tried to force the local community to build a pipeline to bring more water to the area, SumOfUs joined forces with local groups and killed the project. This is the next stage in our fight to protect our water from corporate grabs -- let’s win again! Thanks for all that you do, Allison, Fatah, Danny and the SumOfUs team More information: (In French) Vittel : neuf dĂ©charges sauvages sur les terrains de NestlĂ© Waters, des analyses sont en cours. France 3. 26 May 2021. French Town Becomes a Focal Point in War over Water. Der Spiegel. 13 March 2019. French town of Vittel suffering water shortages. Mediapart. 27 April 2018. SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. This email was sent to | Unsubscribe
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