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Rail in the UK

Railtrack - The Railway's Darkest Hour

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Peter Burgess
Railtrack - The Railway's Darkest Hour 83,318 views May 8, 2021 Ruairidh MacVeigh 70K subscribers Hello again! :D Returning to the British railway network, we look at the initial period following the privatisation of British Rail in 1994, and the formation of Railtrack, a company that was tasked with operating and maintaining the infrastructure behind the UK's railway system, but due to poor management and a lack of suitable funding, resulted in several fatal train crashes and the near collapse of the entire British rail network. All video content and images in this production have been provided with permission wherever possible. While I endeavour to ensure that all accreditations properly name the original creator, some of my sources do not list them as they are usually provided by other, unrelated YouTubers. Therefore, if I have mistakenly put the accreditation of 'Unknown', and you are aware of the original creator, please send me a personal message at my Gmail (this is more effective than comments as I am often unable to read all of them): The views and opinions expressed in this video are my personal appraisal and are not the views and opinions of any of these individuals or bodies who have kindly supplied me with footage and images. If you enjoyed this video, why not leave a like, and consider subscribing for more great content coming soon. Thanks again, everyone, and enjoy! :D References: - Railtrack, 1994-2002 - House of Commons Library (and his respective sources) - Wikipedia (and its respective references) 351 Comments
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