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Alliance Partnership

The Alliance Partners & Art Angels Present: Blue Dot Media ... “The Voice of Planet Earth”


Peter Burgess
The Alliance Partners & Art Angels Present: Blue Dot Media ... “The Voice of Planet Earth”

Purpose & Scope

The alliance Partners avowed purpose is to proactively engage in marshalling the combined intelligent resources of humanity in defense of our Planet. To unambiguously influence both public and private opinion regarding the dire nature of the issues we face..

To that end, Blue Dot Media intends to form a global media channel. as well as. to establish a globally sustainable initiative necessary to mitigate, end, and ultimately reverse the economic, and environmental degradation of the ecosystem and the quality of life for all Blue Dot will become the voice of our Planet. Furthermore to devise, communicate, and disseminate proactive ways and means for communicating our message and to win the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters. This will include, webinars, symposia, and other

Furthermore, we contend that the cumulative consumption of its resources has finally exceeded the capacity of earth to absorb exploitation.

Our mission: To Save Humanity & Planet Earth! Blue Dot Media will promote sustainable behaviors, policies, programs, and initiatives both nationally and globally to change the current fallacy of humanity as a non causative factor in global warming, or that it is a myth created by the efete, leftist intellectual establishment. Climate change is proven science, not open to popular opinions. As noted: It is settled science fact!

Dr. Carl Sagan's evocative photo of earth taken by Voyager as it left the Solar System is a familiar icon of the space age. A haunting image of our planet alone in the black void of space, quite possibly unique in its ability to support and sustain carbon based life ... If ever there was a time for defining the meaning of 'Sustainable.'

What Can We Do?

If we are to become “sustainable,” and save ourselves we must devise a quantifiable means for measurement, an objective means to effectively measure and manage the status of Earth’s capital assets. Since optimization of profit is our only yardstick, we focus on economic wealth to the virtual exclusion of the ongoing depredation of our other capital assets.

Measuring profit ONLY is shortsighted. Given the state of our planet, it is criminal. If we are to save ourselves, a much broader set of measures that considers all earth’s capital (people, environment, and profit) is essential to reverse our predatory consumption. This is a principle requirement for human survival earth. Without such a system we will continue down the path wherein Planet Earth will cease to be fit for habitation.`

A quantitative metrics model for objective measurement can be found at:
Remember! 'The Medium IS the message,' - Marshall McCluen. …
This IS IT !!! NO ONE is coming to save us. There is no “Planet, “B,” The It is entirely possible that we are all alone in the Universe, a unique living green/blue world ... ' ... a small blue dot, all alone in the cosmos' - Dr Carl Sagan. , it is our only chance until and unless a new technology permits reversal of our carelessness

Definition of Sustainability

'A company, organization, municipality, nation state, policy is 'sustainable if .... !!? and ONLY IF … the following is baked into the very core of its culture, and ethos and it practices quantitative measures of its sustainable performance
  • Economically Viable - Any policy or institution, practice, or business must be able to 'sustain,' itself economically.
  • Environmentally Sound - We need to balance the books on the extraction of value from the Planet. We must understand the impact of our massive extraction of both the natural and the human resources of Planet Earth.
  • Socially Just - No policy, or practice can be sustainable if it is NOT socially just.
In Summary

For far too long we have allowed the greed driven sectors of the world to disparage proven science. These forces have sown doubt into the minds of those too willing to justify their irresponsible behaviors. It is time for the adults in the room to take control of the messaging.
To apply a sports metaphor, it is time for a, “Full Court Press!”
Sustainability cannot be allowed to become a cliche, it is not a term for 'green wash,' for candy coating pollution and degradation of the planet. It is a term that must define our 21st Century or, it will be engraved as an epitaph on our cosmic gravestone! Jerome Peloquin

The Planet Earth is dying! AND, we are its assassin! There is currently only one hope for survival and that is 'Sustainability.' ... we may already be too late!

Please contact me to discuss policy and strategic planning.

Jerome Peloquin
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