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The U.Lab and Presencing Community

Otto Scharmer is launching three initiatives: (1) GAIA: Global Activation of Intention and Action (2) Global Forum (3) U Academy


Peter Burgess
Join our Global Activation of Intention and Action

Otto Scharmer via Wed, Mar 18, 2:31 PM to me

Dear Peter,

I hope this message finds you, your friends, and families safe and well as we collectively enter into this period of global disruption.

Over the past few days, we have been connecting with many of you from the wider u.lab and presencing community. What emerged from all these conversations can be summarized with a line that I heard a few months back from a friend and colleague from Indonesia, Shobi Lawalata. Reflecting on the current moment of profound change Shobi said: 'This is the moment I was born for.' This line keeps deeply resonating in me because (1) I feel exactly the same, (2) it's even more true today than it was a few months back, and (3) it's an inner place that we can choose to operate from. It's an inner place that helps us to move beyond a reactive mindset of victimhood and that allows us to truly slow down, to pause, and to see what happens around us as an invitation to connect to our deeper sources of knowing.

Covid-19, like any disruption, essentially confronts each of us with a choice: we can choose (1) to freeze, turn away from others, only care for ourselves, or (2) to turn toward others to support and comfort those who now need our help. That choice between acting from ego or acting from ecosystem awareness is at the core of this moment, and also at the core of our work, a choice that we face every day, every hour, every moment. The more the world sinks into chaos, desperation, and confusion, the greater our responsibility to radiate presence, compassion, and grounded confidence.

It is based on these conversations that we've decided to shift and in part refocus our path forward by launching three larger initiatives.

The first one is called GAIA: Global Activation of Intention and Action. GAIA is an impromptu global infrastructure for sense-making, for leaning into our current moment of disruption, and letting this moment move us toward civilizational renewal. GAIA is a free, online 14-week journey and you can join from self-isolation or together with your local community. It's designed to help us to lean into the current moment of disruption with awareness and presence. For more information, visit GAIA (starting next week).

GAIA will lead up to the second initiative, a Global Forum on July 10-11, which is going to happen as a new prototype of a fully multi-local, multi-regional, online-to-offline transformational ecosystem event.

The third initiative is called U Academy and focuses on creating a new suite of short, focused, transformational capacity-building modules that will be paid-for offerings and serve the core needs that many professionals from across sectors have articulated to us. The first two offerings of the Academy will focus on Awareness Practices in Leadership, and on Digital Leadership: Activating and Holding Transformative Change Online. More information will be published on our website soon.

All three are core elements of, and embedded in, our larger vision of collectively creating a School For Transformation that allows us to lean into the GAIA-type of journey more intentionally, consciously, and collectively. The focus of that School is on activating and cultivating vertical transformation literacy at scale that is so much needed now for the profound decade of transformation that we have now entered into.

Sending you love and light from the entire presencing and u.lab core team,

This week's blog: Eight Emerging Lessons: From Coronavirus to Climate Action

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GAIA Launch next week: Update Inbox x

Otto Scharmer via Sat, Mar 21, 6:11 PM (11 days ago) to me

Dear Peter,

on Friday, we announced the GAIA journey, a response and holding space for the current global crisis. Due to the powerful and immediate demand, we have increased the capacity from 1000 seats (taken within hours) to now 5000 available throughout multiple time slots to accommodate all time zones (including a Spanish language track). Thank you for sharing widely with your community as, together, we begin a global sense making experience and move towards civilizational renewal.

Registration for the Global Forum, that GAIA leads up to, is now open.

We look forward to stepping into this collective space together with you...

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Here are the links I mentioned:

Our book: (we address the solidarity economy, prefiguration etc.)

Will Merrifield: And I attached my paper on Gaia 2.0

Some of my recent online articles: Cheers, David Mailtrack Sender notified by Mailtrack 03/24/20, 07:42:31 PM Attachments area
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