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US Politics 2020
Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar ... Do you think Amy Klobuchar would be a good choice for VICE PRESIDENT?


Peter Burgess
Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers 2 of 674,846 re. Amy Klobuchar Inbox x Mother Jones Unsubscribe 9:17 AM (7 minutes ago) to me The following sponsored message from the Progressive Turnout Project has been sent to you via Mother Jones. We're a nonprofit, and a majority of our budget comes from readers like you—but revenue from companies and organizations that advertise with Mother Jones helps us run a stable business, maintain independence, and produce more of the hard-hitting journalism you expect from our publication. Amy Klobuchar is rising in the polls, now considered a leading Vice-Presidential Contender 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Poll Do you think Amy Klobuchar would be a good choice for VICE PRESIDENT? Amy Klobuchar YES >> NO >> Unsure → Answers do not indicate a commitment to vote for or against Amy Klobuchar for President. Please respond immediately. Some forecasters currently have Amy Klobuchar ranked as one the most likely candidates to be selected as the eventual Vice Presidential Nominee. In the event that Amy Klobuchar does not win the primary to become the Democratic Presidential Nominee, do you think she would be a good choice for the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee? For this poll, we’re looking for Democrats to respond. Please let us know what you think: Click here to respond→ Thanks for your response, - Progressive Turnout Project Paid for by Progressive Turnout Project and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee Mother Jones and its nonprofit publisher, the Foundation for National Progress, do not endorse any political candidate, political organization, commercial product, process, or service, and the views expressed in this communication do not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by Mother Jones. For advertising opportunities see our online media kit. This message was sent to To change the messages you receive from us, you can edit your email preferences or unsubscribe from all mailings. Were you forwarded this email? Sign up for Mother Jones' newsletters today. PO Box 8539, Big Sandy, TX 75755
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