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Nick Fanandakis

Nick Fanandakis ... 40+ years working for Du Pont


Peter Burgess
TBP Message 190627 ... We met some time ago at a SASB event! Early in my career in 1967 my company (Aerosol Techniques Inc.) was a major customer of Du Pont. I was able to participate in an excellent training program from Du Pont called 'Observation and Perception' which improved my capacity to see what mattered by an order of magnitude. This helped me to improve profit performance in the corporate world and also helped me later in my work with international development and humanitarian assistance. Now, post career I am working to enhance accountancy so that it is a better management tool for for social impact performance and environmental impact performance. My observation is that the world is not short of money, but it is not using massive wealth and impressive technology in anything like an optimal way! Any thoughts on how this work can be improved?
Nick Fanandakis
Nick Fanandakis 1st degree connection1st Nick has a account Finance at DuPont Greater Philadelphia Area
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DuPont 2 Mutual Connections You and Nick both know Juan Gabriel Aguiriano Nalda and Euan Rellie
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