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Corporate MOney and Influence

SEC Rules Exxon Must Allow Shareholder Votes on Dark Money and Climate Policies

The idea of meaningful accountability has been almost totally eviscerated. The corporate world gets its way almost all the time. This is dangerous because almost everything in the socio-enviro-economic system flows through the corporate world, and they are able to do everything they want in order to optimize for profit. This is insane. It may have been OK in the 19th century, but not now in the 21st. It is time to panic (Greta Thunberg) and for serious people to demand meaningful accountability. Exxon is not dumb ... they have a huge amount of expertise, but they are held hostage by a leadership community that has a dangerous view about what their business behavior should be. Anything that will bring them kicking and screaming into the 21st century should be applauded. PeterB
Peter Burgess
SEC Rules Exxon Must Allow Shareholder Votes on Dark Money and Climate Policies

Most people would think that Exxon has a committee at the board of director level to tackle climate change by itself, but it does not.

Arjuna Capital noted that with only one climate expert on its board, the company is ill-prepared to deal with the biggest threat to its business and shareholders in this century.

The shareholder meeting is May 29 in Dallas. Stay tuned.
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