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Olga Ryzhevska

Olga Ryzhevska ... Co-founder @ StartupSoft ... Reaching out


Peter Burgess

Olga Ryzhevska May 11 (6 days ago) to me Hi Peter,

I found your profile on CoFoundersLab but decided to reach out to you here. Are you looking for a tech co-founder?

Best regards, -- circle (16).png Olga Ryzhevska Co-founder @ StartupSoft Skype: Hangouts: linkedin.png
Dear Olga

Thank you for reaching out ...

The answer is yes and no!

I would love to have help ... but most people do not have both the skills and the understanding that I am looking for. There are many very talented IT experts, but very few who have the ability to take the sort of ideas that I am working with and do much of value with them. People who understand what I would like to do usually do not have the modern IT skills that are needed to help very much.

And, of course, most people have the goal of relatively quick reward, which is not the best business model for what I am trying to do.

Maybe you are the answer. Maybe? Should we talk ... Skype , perhaps?


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