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People / Speakers
Regenerative Futures Summit

People / Speakers for the Regenerative Futures Summit organized by Hunter Lovins in May 2017


Peter Burgess

Hunter Lovins Hunter Lovins President, Natural Capitalism Solutions

John Fullerton John Fullerton Founder and President of Capital Institute

Dr. Kate Raworth Dr. Kate Raworth Former Oxfam Director & Renegade Economist

Dr. Ida Kubiszewski Dr. Ida Kubiszewski Australian National University

Dr. Robert Costanza Dr. Robert Costanza Father of Ecological Economics

Stewart Wallis Stewart Wallis Founder, New Economics Foundation

Vince Siciliano Vince Siciliano CEO, New Resource Bank

Freya Williams Freya Williams CEO, North America at Futerra

Bob Lachenmayer Bob Lachenmayer COO, Positive Energies

Dr. Michael Pirson Dr. Michael Pirson Director, Center for Humanistic Management at Fordham University

Dr. Chris Laszlo Dr. Chris Laszlo Author; Executive Director, Fowler Center at Case Western Reserve University

Randy Hayes Randy Hayes Director, Foundation Earth

Daniela Howell Daniela Howell Executive Director, Savory Institute

Heather Bailey Heather Bailey Executive Director of Energy Strategy, City of Boulder

Jenn Vervier Jenn Vervier Director of Strategy & Sustainability, New Belgium Brewing

Kim Coupounas Kim Coupounas Director, B Lab

Donna Morton Donna Morton Co-Founder & CEO, Change Finance

Andrew Winston Andrew Winston Author Green to Gold, The Big Pivot

Dr. David Orr Dr. David Orr Sustainable Education & Green Building Pioneer

Jeff Hohensee Jeff Hohensee Vice President, Natural Capitalism Solutions

Maggie Fox Maggie Fox Former CEO, Climate Reality Project

Michael Shuman Michael Shuman Author, Going Local

Richard Eidlin Richard Eidlin American Sustainable Business Council

Dr. Elizabeth Caniglia Dr. Elizabeth Caniglia Director of the Sustainable Economic and Enterprise Development Institute, Regis University

Heidi Cuppari Heidi Cuppari CEO & Founder: Anastastia Impact; CEO & Co-Founder: Dream Tank

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