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No Better Description Of This Ungrateful, Angry Monster Has Ever Been Written


Peter Burgess

No Better Description Of This Ungrateful, Angry Monster Has Ever Been Written

Sometimes, you read something that just nails it. For months, I’ve been trying to explain to those who would hear why I believe Donald Trump is the worst possible option as the leader of the free world. Why his entire entitled life is the wrong pathway to this position.

Well, a commenter on the New York Times article, The Politics of Cowardice nails it right on the head, breaking it down in a way that I wish I had.

El Jamon

New York 7 hours ago

I am not a wealthy man. According to Donald Trump, I would be a loser. I changed diapers. I am an attentive, nurturing father. I built a modest business.

I am devoted to my spouse. We've been through thick and thin, better or worse and we still remain devoted and deeply in love.

Our home is modest. Our car is not luxurious. I served my country and paid for college myself, without ever taking a loan or dime from my parents.

And I am happy because I am grateful.

Every single day, I am grateful for this life, better or worse, rich or poor. I'm even grateful for the trials and struggles I've had. I'm grateful for the wisdom life's difficulties and set backs have provided.

The man in the gilded tower is not grateful. He is not wise. He is steeped in fears that, though we see the same television news stations, and read many of the same papers, I do not share.

Why is it that someone who had never wondered how he was going to pay for college, someone who (unlike myself) was backed by the generosity of the happenstance of wealthy parents, someone who cycles through luxury, why is he not grateful? Why is he so angry?

Look at this wealthy, powerful man's face. He is tormented, even twisted by his fears, and envy and pride, despite the evidence and, as he often brags, the rewards of his greed and gluttony.

Why do I, a poor man by comparison, live in a state of gratitude, while he is in service to his envy and wrath? I view Mr. Trump's fear, lust and sloth and I do not envy him. If only the half of our voters had this insight and perspective we wouldn’t be stuck with a dark soul running our country into the abyss.

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