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EU backs plans to make lorries greener


Peter Burgess

EU backs plans to make lorries greener

Trucks in Europe could become longer and more rounded following the European Parliament’s vote in favour of new rules to improve road safety and environmental performance.

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The changes to the Weights and Dimensions Directive (1996) approved by Parliament allow manufacturers to use new designs for lorries, which may exceed current weight and length limits if they improve overall environmental and safety performance.

Typical measures might include:

  • More rounded lorry cabs to increase the driver's field of vision making it easier to see vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, and reduce drag.

  • An additional weight allowance (up to 1 tonne) for alternative fuel powertrains/engines to encourage take-up of greener technologies.

  • Aerodynamic flaps added at the rear of the lorry to help cut fuel consumption and emissions.

  • An additional length allowance (15cm) for the intermodal transport of 45-foot standard containers to ease goods deliveries using several modes of transport;

  • The changes now have to be formally approved by Council of the EU.

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