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Tony Manwaring

Congratulations ... exciting times


Peter Burgess

Dear Tony Congratulations ... sorry to have you leaving Tomorrow's Company but your new role has very important potential. I trained as a Chartered Accountant with Cooper Brothers in London more than 50 years ago and have been an aggressive advocate for excellence in accounting and have a huge respect for the power of numbers ... both for good and bad, depending on what gets measured and reported. My experience includes corporate management and work in the global development arena. I think I know something about great dysfunction in society and economics. It is my believe that numbers can help, but they need to be well designed. So thank you for what you have done at Tomorrow's Company. I have tried to summarize my thinking on this matter in this short essay ... My aim is to complement the initiatives of organizations like Tomorrow's Company ... adding perhaps some broader perspective, but an add, not a replace. Again congratulations on your new appointment ... exciting times Peter Burgess

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