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Peter Burgess

Home / Contact Contact Best to reach us on this e-mail and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. CEO Dr. Michael Hopkins is Chair and Partner of MHCi, has worked in the Corporate sector (IBM, BAT, ITT/STC, Addax, UEFA, BP), the United Nations (ILO, UNDP, WFP, UNIDO, UNITAR), The World Bank and in Academia (IDS Sussex, QEH Oxford, Middlesex, Geneva Universities), and has held a number of Professorships (Middlesex, Brunel, George Mason University). He is a PhD economist with a strong focus upon measurement, employment issues and executive education especially in emerging market economies. Since leaving the UN where he was a staff member for 13 years (ILO) he founded, and is CEO, of MHCi and its subsidiary the CSR and Financial Institute (CSRFI), founded the Arabia CSR Awards and founded and directed for six years until 2013 the University of Geneva's CSR Executive Training. He advised the USA Chamber of Commerce's Corporate Citizenship Programme as well as spends his time spreading his particular brand of CSR around the world. He has published over 120 articles in journals, is a regular contributor to CSRwire, and is the author of 13 books of which two on CSR featured on the home page. In 2011 he founded CSR Meetups now active in seven capitals round the world. He is included in the 2011 top thought leaders in Europe and the Middle East in influencing the social, economic and sustainability of companies and invited as founder member in 2013 of Alliance of Trustworthy Business Experts. In 2013 he was included in the top 100 thought leaders across the world. In 2014 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for CSR from Delhi University, and shall receive an Honorary Doctorate from London Metropolitan University in Juy 2014.


Dr Adrian Payne is Senior Associate of MHCi. Previous posts include Head of CSR at BAT, and CSR Professor at Hult International University. He works with MHCi on Executive Education programmes most notably at the University of Geneva, and CSR/Sustainability policy and implementation issues for major companies.

Dr. Julian Roche is Vice President of MHCi, partner in CSRFI and is an expert in financial performance and its links to corporate social performance. He holds an MA from Oxford University and a PHD from Southampton.

Jawahir Adam is an humanitarian adviser and public relations specialist, worked with the World Bank for 16 years, and since then is a consultant for UN agencies with MHCi. She holds a Masters degree from St. Anthony's College, Oxford University, UK and a BA from George Mason University, Virginia, USA.

Part-time staff and consultants

Dr. Bill Bartsch is an economist specialising in labour markets and labour market information systems and is based in Reston, Virginia, USA.

Dr. Wenjin Wang is a physicist who works for MHCi in Beijing and works on a broad range of business services (Translation, Interpretation, and Social Development Consulting Services)

Peter Tallon works with MHCi on editing and translating. he is the former editor of Aviation Weekly.

Sebastian Zacharia is Professor at Woodbury University in Los Angeles and is a former Division Chief of the Asia Department in UNDP, New York.

Julien Harrod is a research officer specialising on information technology and statistical analysis and is responsible for MHCi's website.

MHCi also collaborates with around 60 experts from the C(S)R field from around the world to staff its executive training courses and seminars.

Scientific Network

Simone de Colle is Lecturer in Business Ethics, Institute of Ethics at Dublin City University, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Diploma in Advanced Studies in CSR at University of Geneva, Co-Founder and Project Manager at Q-RES Project, Member of the Scientific Network at MHCInternational

Prof Alan Stainer is Emeritus Professor of Business Performance at Middlesex University.

Prof Guy Standing is a former Director of the ILO, Geneva and Professor, SOAS, London University.

Dr. Tom Stephens is a former World bank official and oil market and CSR specialist, and also specialises in carbon trading.

Prof John Lawrence former UNDP Head of Human Resource Development is Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, New York and a specialist on labour issues in supply chains.

Dr. Bill House is a former ILO official wirh wide experience across the world. He has recently worked with MHCi as team leader in several employment rekated projects alongside Michael Hopkins in Azerbaijan and Trinidad and Tobago.

Robert Rubenstein is CEO of TBLI that focuses on socially responsible investment as well as partner with Michael Hopkins and Julian Roche in CSRFI that focuses on executive education.

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