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Asle Frydenlund

Asle Frydenlund ... CEO in EIFAB Solutions Ltd ... Manchester, United Kingdom ... Renewables & Environment


Peter Burgess

Asle Frydenlund 1st Asle Frydenlund CEO in EIFAB Solutions Ltd Manchester, United KingdomRenewables & Environment Current GVG Royal, EIFAB Solutions Ltd, Rock Bay Group Ltd Previous Waterbridge Green Technology, Production and Carbon, Universal Payment Technology Ltd Education Technical College 500+ connectionsSend a messageEndorseMore options Background Summary The Natures own living GREEN VALUES and sustainable BLUE CIRCULAR ECONOMY The nature only works with what is available of natural resources at given time and place, ecologically this sustainable economy respects not only natural resources, but the “culture and traditions” as well within macro and micro “business development”. The nature is oriented toward basic needs and then develops from mere satisfaction to sometime overproduction. The present linear wealth economic model is based on scarcity as a starting point for production, consumption and economically valuation. Natures own circular economy is sustainable and very different;

  1. 1. Natural systems do not develop in linear processes .
  2. 2. In nature everything is degradable , depending only on time .
  3. 3. In nature, everything is connected and develops symbiotically .
  4. 4. In nature, water, air and soil are commons , open access and available in abundance.
  5. 5. In nature a process has multiple uses .
  6. 6. Natural systems have risks. Each risk is a motivator for innovation.
  7. 7. Nature is efficient . Therefore sustainable economy maximizes energy and materials available, which makes the price down for the consumer. Nature seeks the best for everyone involved.
  8. 8. In nature disadvantages become advantages. Problems are opportunities .
  9. 9. The nature pursues diversification benefits. One natural innovation brings a multitude of benefits for all .
  10. 10 . Respond to basic needs with what you have , develop innovations inspired by nature , creating multiple benefits and employment and capital , provide more with less.
Natures own BLUE ECONOMY is here and available Animals, Fish, Birds, Amphibians, Trees, Plants, Mushrooms, Insects, Alga's, Plankton, Amoebas, Bacterias = Natures Sustainable & Abundant Capital SUSTAINABLE LEADERS SUSTAINABLE LEADERS Experience Manager GVG Royal October 2012 – Present (1 year 5 months)United Kingdom Introducing market opportunities and E-Learning programs to increase capital growth and earn active commissions through C2C - Client 2 Client, B2C - Business 2 Customer and B2B. Introducing Green Commodity, Technology and Service projects worldwide, teaching C2C strategy and profitable Green business. ” Earning money by doing good” Manager EIFAB Solutions Ltd February 2012 – Present (2 years 1 month)Manchester, United Kingdom Solución basada ECO-INGENIERIA es el camino sostenible hacia una prosperidad mundial y alivio de pobreza Solução baseada ECO-ENGENHARIA é o caminho sustentáveis ​​para uma prosperidade mundial ea redução da pobreza SOLUTION BASED ECO-ENGINEERING IS THE SUSTAINABLE PATHWAY TO A WORLDWIDE PROSPERITY AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION A borderless problems needs borderless solutions A borderless problems needs borderless solutions Manager Rock Bay Group Ltd November 2008 – Present (5 years 4 months) E-banking, E-Trading Platforms, Green Investments, Fund Management, Payment Technology, Payment Robotics, B2B Finance and Administration Management, Forestry Carbon Credit Projects & Commodity Trading Platform Project Leader Waterbridge Green Technology, Production and Carbon October 2010 – October 2012 (2 years 1 month)Iquitos, Peru Green Sustainable & Ethical investment projects, VER Forestry business development with VCS, GCS & CCBA accredited projects, REDD & REDD+ Conservation Rainforest projects, Sustainable Ecological Farming and Tree Planting projects. Project Developer Universal Payment Technology Ltd October 2008 – October 2011 (3 years 1 month) Developing payment platforms, card portals, payroll programs, web sites with web shops, bank programes and security robotics, financial logistic systemes. Projects Causes Asle cares about: EIFAB Solutions LTD is a professional consult and eco-engineering firm promoting sustainable and equitable management of natural resources within Rainforests, Tropical forests, Afforestation and Reforestation, Forest Farming, Agricultural and Agro-Industrial land. EIFAB add value to every project by delivering real hands on solutions within social, ecological and environmental aspects of...more Skills & Endorsements Top Skills 99+Carbon 99+Sustainability 99+Environmental Awareness 99+Sustainable Development 76Renewable Energy 63Forestry 62Strategy 62Ecology 53Carbon Management 51Climate Change Asle also knows about... 45Biodiversity 36Project Management 32Corporate Social... 28Biomass 27REDD 25Entrepreneurship 22International Business 18Business Development 16Carbon Footprinting 15Product Development 14Green Technology 14Conservation Issues 14Carbon Markets 13Market Analysis 13Risk Assessment See 25+ Languages English Professional working proficiency German Professional working proficiency Portuguese Professional working proficiency Norwegian Native or bilingual proficiency Swedish Professional working proficiency Danish Professional working proficiency Spanish Elementary proficiency Education Technical College Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Electro and Electronic Technology, Service & Production Technology Industrial Processes and Maintenance Derek Broughton Sales & Marketing Academy Sales & Marketing Strategies, Sales technique, sales psychology, manipulation, sales planning and strategy, International Sales Educator Bupa Werkstoff-und Oberflächentechnik Engineer's degree, Technology development and production, Material and Surface Treatment Technology Industrial Ultrasonic Technology Industrial Process Engineering, Engineering and Development, Project planning and production Woma Hochdruck-Wasserstrahl-Technologie Engineer's degree, Oil & Gas Maintenance Technology, High Pressure Water Hydraulic Technology Additional Info Interests The Conscious & Responsible Market Economy movement challenges business leaders to re-think why their organizations exist and to acknowledge their companies' roles in the interdependent global marketplace. The Conscious & Responsible Corporate Approach (CRCA) differs from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by virtue of its origins from within the company as an expression of an overall perspective on how to conceive and build a ethical, sustainable and competitive business, rather than as a response to external notions of what counts as 'socially responsible' or external pressure on responsibility in general. CRCA holds a modern capitalistic approach to voluntarily projects. The Blue Market Economy are unapologetic advocates for free, transparent, sustainable and ethically based market access through innovative and creative entrepreneurship, open and free competition and the freedom to trade under the rule of law. Personal Details Birthday September 14 Advice for Contacting Asle Estimados amigos y colegas, Puede 2014 convertido en un año de paz, el amor y el desarrollo positivo para usted y su familia, que Dios los bendiga a todos con sabiduría, con una actitud positiva y pasión por todo lo que necesitamos para lograr en este año. Tenemos que proteger este precioso planeta, cuidar y proteger la biodiversidad restante con todas sus especies, y puede que en el 2013 todos estar orgullosos de trabajar juntos para aliviar la pobreza en nuestro frágil planeta. Le deseo todo lo mejor Asle Dear friends and collegues, May 2013 become a year of peace, love and positive development for you and your family, may God bless you all with wisdom, with a positive attitude and passion for all we need to achieve in this year. We need to protect this precious planet, care for and protect the remaining biodiversity with all its species, and may we in 2014 all be proud of working together alleviating poverty on our fragile planet. I wish you all the best Asle Recommendations Given (1) Peter, would you like to recommend Asle? Recommend Asle Ben Quinton Ben Quinton Creative Design Manager Ben has been the Creative Manager in our group for over three years and was our face towards our existing customers and new potential clients, so his role was verry important to us. I have known Ben for a few years and especially good after becoming MD of the company in the summer of 2010 and till recently. He has a way of thinking that is good for his clients and...more March 30, 2011, Asle managed Ben at Quatro Technologies - previously Wharfside Group See More ConnectionsAll (500+)Shared (12)New (70) Leda Grace RasmussenLeda Grace Rasmussen2nd Founder of Teamfun Ltd. The do's and don'ts to become successful on the internet as a work from home entrepreneur. Connect3Alina LundbergAlina Lundberg2nd Investor in Sustainable Business Connect1Renato QuintanilhaRenato Quintanilha2nd Operations Analyst at Ampla Connect1Morten Mortensen **Morten Mortensen **2nd Credit collector at a Utility-company Connect2Valdemir OliveiraValdemir Oliveira2nd PhD Programme at Manchester Business School Connect1Andrew KokAndrew Kok2nd Assistant Chief Steward at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Connect3Per-Johan ÅhlströmPer-Johan Åhlström2nd Designer at Semcon Caran AB Connect1Darryn van der PoelDarryn van der Poel2nd Director at Capeblue Connect5Kelly GloverKelly Glover2nd International Business Development Manager At Jenepe Capital, part of the Jenepe Group Connect9Bryan RauchBryan Rauch2nd Vice President of Carbon Projects Connect1 PreviousNext Groups Business for Nature Business for Nature Join Carbon Footprint Forum Carbon Footprint Forum Join Carbon Market Business Network Carbon Market Business Network Join Carbon news on Environmental Finance Carbon news on Environmental Finance Join Community Cooperatives Community Cooperatives Join Engenharia Florestal Brasil Engenharia Florestal Brasil Join Engenheiros de Meio Ambiente - Brasil Engenheiros de Meio Ambiente - Brasil Join Environmental Consulting Professionals Environmental Consulting Professionals Join Eucalyptus Biomass Forestry in Brazil Eucalyptus Biomass Forestry in Brazil Join FOREST INVESTMENT GROUP FOREST INVESTMENT GROUP Join Forest Carbon Permanence Forest Carbon Permanence Join Forest Management & Wood Sourcing Forest Management & Wood Sourcing Join Forest Stewardship Council and Supporters (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council and Supporters (FSC) Join Forestal Forestal Join Forestry Southern Hemisphere Forestry Southern Hemisphere Join Global Investment Network Global Investment Network Join Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Join Green Green Member Green Banking and Finance Green Banking and Finance Join -- Sustainability Professionals -- Sustainability Professionals Join Impact & Sustainable Investing Impact & Sustainable Investing Join Impact Investing Forum Impact Investing Forum Member Impact Investment & Social Enterprise Development -- Mojalink Impact Investment & Social Enterprise Development -- Mojalink Join Ingenieros Forestales Ingenieros Forestales Join LA MADRE NATURALEZA LA MADRE NATURALEZA Join LATIN AMERICA, CARIBBEAN - SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA - Business, Management, Executives and Jobs LATIN AMERICA, CARIBBEAN - SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA - Business, Management, Executives and Jobs Join Landscape ecology and planning Landscape ecology and planning Join Medio Ambiente, Empleo y Formación Medio Ambiente, Empleo y Formación Join Natural Resource Management Professionals Natural Resource Management Professionals Join OnlineVolunteering - United Nations - UNV OnlineVolunteering - United Nations - UNV Join Profesionales del Medio Ambiente Profesionales del Medio Ambiente Join REDD Forum REDD Forum Join REDD+ Network REDD+ Network Join Recuperação Ambiental de Sistema Lagunar Recuperação Ambiental de Sistema Lagunar Join Recursos Humanos - PERU Recursos Humanos - PERU Join Recursos de tecnología ambiental (Investigación y Remediación de Suelos Contaminados) Recursos de tecnología ambiental (Investigación y Remediación de Suelos Contaminados) Join Renewable Energy Project Development and Finance Forum Renewable Energy Project Development and Finance Forum Join Silvicultura e Meio Ambiente Silvicultura e Meio Ambiente Join Sustainability Professionals Sustainability Professionals Join The Carbon Professionals Networking Group The Carbon Professionals Networking Group Join Timberland Investment Law & Business Forum Timberland Investment Law & Business Forum Join World Wildlife Fund World Wildlife Fund Join See less Following Companies Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) Nonprofit Organization Management Follow Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis - IBAMA Government Administration Follow Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Hospitality Follow Reforestadora Amazonica Renewables & Environment Follow Sierra Club Political Organization Follow IUCN Nonprofit Organization Management Follow World Wildlife Fund Nonprofit Organization Management Follow Environmental Defense Fund Environmental Services Follow ERM: Environmental Resources Management Environmental Services Follow Young Living Essential Oils Health, Wellness and Fitness Follow Berkshire Consultancy Ltd Management Consulting Follow MInisterio de agricultura Utilities Follow The Nature Conservancy Nonprofit Organization Management Follow Rainforest Alliance Nonprofit Organization Management
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