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Patricia Salinas ... How do you measure project success in cross sector social partnerships?


Peter Burgess

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Patricia Salinas Follow Patricia How do you measure project success in cross sector social partnerships?

Patricia Salinas Postgraduate student Dear all, We are students from Umea School of Business and Economics (USBE) who are seeking support from companies to collaborate for a thesis project. In specific, we are investigating about 'how stakeholders in cross sector social partnership projects perceive and measure project success'. Thanks in advance! Like Comment (1) Share Unfollow Reply Privately1 day ago

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Peter Burgess Peter Burgess Founder/CEO at TrueValueMetrics ... formerly international business and development consultant and corporate CFO

Patricia ... your question resonates with me, because it is the question that I was asking some 35 years ago when I did my first work with the World Bank. I had a fast track corporate career prior to that, and had become very good at using metrics to incentivise the sort of performance that would improve corporate performance, and I expected that an organization like the World Bank would be using similar techniques to achieve optimum performance in development.

Fast forward to today, the metrics being used today to improve corporate performance are state of the art, the metrics to improve social performance are in the stone age. They essentially to not exist.

In my own modest way I am now looking for some radical reform of the way we do accounting and the metrics that drive decision making. I call this TrueValueMetrics and Multi Dimension Impact Accounting (MDIA). What is emerging is quite exciting.

It would be interesting to learn whether what I am proposing with MDIA actually answers the questions you want to address.

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