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Speaker list from the 2013 Impact Investing Summit in Huntington Beach CA


Peter Burgess

Speaker list from the 2013 Impact Investing Summit in Huntington Beach CA ... 2013 Esteemed Speaker Faculty: Sarah Saxe, Manager, CALVERT FOUNDATION Jessica Matthews, Associate Director, Mission Related Investing Group, CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATES Frank Altman, President And Chief Executive Officer, COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT FUND, USA Toby Heaps, Chief Executive Officer, CORPORATE KNIGHTS Doug Morrow, Head of Research, CORPORATE KNIGHTS Jason Henning, Director of Investor Relations, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS R. Paul Herman, CEO and CIO, HIP INVESTOR Fran Seegull, Managing Director, IMPACTASSETS Katie Gilbert, Reporter, INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR Bonny Moellenbrock, Executive Director, INVESTORS’ CIRCLE AND SJF INSTITUTE Amy Chung, Senior Investment Officer, LIVING CITIES Andrew Malk, Partner, MALK SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERS Zach Goldman, Partner, MALK SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERS Harlan Mandel, Chief Executive Officer, MEDIA DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENT FUND Patrick Gleeson, CEO, MEYER FAMILY ENTERPRISES Kyle Salyer, EVP, Finance & Operations, MICROCREDIT ENTERPRISES Peter Berliner, Managing Director, MISSION INVESTORS EXCHANGE Audrey Choi, Managing Director and Head, Global Sustainable Finance, MORGAN STANLEY Scott Perry, Partner, NEPC, LLC Jessica LaBarbera, Director of Strategic Innovation, NONPROFIT FINANCE FUND John Sabo, Former Chair of the Board, ONTARIO MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM (OMERS) Rick Miller, Chair of the Board, ONTARIO MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM (OMERS) Ben Thornley, Director, InSight, PACIFIC COMMUNITY VENTURES Kristin Faust, Chief Credit Officer, PARTNERS FOR THE COMMON GOOD Dan Apfel, Executive Director, RESPONSIBLE ENDOWMENTS COALITION Rachel Serotta, Investor Relations Officer, ROOT CAPITAL Mildred O. Callear, Executive Vice President and Board Member, SMALL ENTERPRISE ASSISTANCE FUNDS The Honorable Bill Lockyer, State Treasurer, STATE OF CALIFORNIA Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner, STATE OF CALIFORNIA Mark Orlowski, Founder & Executive Director, SUSTAINABLE ENDOWMENTS INSTITUTE Brian Kaminer, Founder, TALGRA Melissa L. Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, TIDES Kiki Tidwell, President, TIDWELL IDAHO FOUNDATION

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