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Community Currency

Community Forge in Switzerland ... 'We give Your Community a Place to Thrive'


Peter Burgess

We give Your Community a Place to Thrive CommunityForge is a non-profit association that designs, develops and provides complementary currency systems and tools. We've helped over 400 communities implement currencies, enabling them to:

  • unlock under-used local resources
  • increase social cohesion & volunteerism
  • increase economic resilience
  • promote local self-reliance
  • & lowers environmental impact
Complementary Currencies are the next step in promoting development projects. See our work in Kenya. Community Forge distributes free, open-source software for currencies and provides hosted websites. Our hosted website makes building and managing your community easier, and it's... free simple to set up adaptable scalable customisable, just ask. Please take a look at our collaborative space for currency initiatives
Skills A professionally trained accountant (CA E&W) then in corporate management as field accountant, controller, budget manager, VP Finance and CFO then consultant to international business and development organizations (UN system, World Bank, IFC etc.) Long time analyst of global economic affairs and now developing TrueValueMetrics (TVM) as a value accounting module to complement the money profit accounting that dominates private capital markets. LETS is an important part of deep economic reform and complements the core ideas of TVM. Most importantly TVM helps to identify the big negatives that are holding back meaningful progress in modern society. Network Looking to establish a LETS like initiative in North East Pennsylvania ... maybe it can be called Pocono Bucks!
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