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Many, many bad things

With so many bad things ... it is surprising that there are any good things going on at all.


Peter Burgess

The world also has bad things ... violence, hunger, bad people and bad organizations. In some cases the bad elements of society are very powerful and control important resources. The bad parts of society have too much power and influence.

BAD - Violence
People have the ability to be terribly violent and cruel. The genocides that have taken place in the past hunred years are appalling ... but there is also a tremendous amount of violence at closer quarters in many societies ... not to mention the issues of terrorism and drug cartels.
BAD - Hunger
There is something very wrong with a world where some are dying of starvation, many are undernourished and many eat too much and are obese.
BAD - Business ... Profit no matter what!
The behavior of corporate organizations when they are out of sight is obscene. This should not be. Being efficient so that there is high productivity should not mean that anti-social behavior becomes commonplace.
BAD - People ... Huge Power and wealth
There are some people who have used their power and position to enrich themselves. While they are few in number, the damage these people do to society as a whole is preposterous
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