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Many, many good things

With so many good things ... good people, how come so much that is bad?


Peter Burgess

The world has good people, good activities, good technology ... many not well known. This is huge opportunity
GOOD - People
The world has plenty of good people. In my experience most people are good, but it is not always obvious ... and a whole lot of people would be good if they had a chance. Look at this series of good people, and think about the amazing things these good people have done for the world.
GOOD - Health ... medical science
The advances in medical science in the past fifty years are amazing. As a result expectation of life for many has increased by ten or twenty years. The future could see even more amazing discoveries.
GOOD - Education
One of the great successes of the past 50 years has been the expansion of education around the world. Though many still do not get good education, there are more literate people today than at any times in history ... and this is a huge opportunity for an improved economy.
GOOD - Practical help
There are many many people and organizations that are delivering practical help in places where help is needed. It is amazing how many people are committed to this sort of economic activity where the value is huge but the money rewards are meagre.
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