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Organizations ... Social Impact Exchange
An initiative in support of Social Impact

The Exchange’s goal is to build the field of scaling and develop an efficient capital marketplace that provides reliable funding for scaling high-impact nonprofit initiatives.

I have sent the following to the Social Impact Exchange organization via their contact message form:

The Social Impact Exchange may well be an idea whose time has come ... but in my view there will be no sustainable traction unless there is a system of metrics that supports what the exchange wants to do. There are layers of metrics associated with the money profit capitalist market system that drive the capital market exchanges, but the equivalent for the social impact dimension of economic activity has not yet emerged. I believe such metrics are vital and should be something of a priority in the economic system reform that is needed urgently now.

Peter Burgess

Social Impact Exchange

The Exchange’s goal is to build the field of scaling and develop an efficient capital marketplace that provides reliable funding for scaling high-impact nonprofit initiatives.

The Exchange serves as a focal point and gathering place for learning about, implementing and funding major nonprofit expansions, including program replication, practice dissemination, policy initiatives, system change efforts and more. It is open to a diverse set of organizations and is highly member-driven, with members contributing ideas and capital through working groups.

The Exchange now has more than 3,400 members and 180 leaders and funders who have joined working groups to implement an integrated set of strategies. Join today! Membership is complimentary. Learn more.

Membership of the Social Impact Exchange

Exchange members share a common interest in promoting and implementing effective strategies for scaling high impact social programs and initiatives.

There are currently over 3400 members of the Social Impact Exchange. They represent a diverse group of funders, nonprofits, companies and service firms, and their interests cover a wide variety of fields including education, health, youth, poverty and others. Click here to become a member.

Membership Benefits

  • Collaboration & Co-funding – structured venues to participate with peers in funding high-impact, initiatives and building marketplace infrastructure
  • Access – pipeline of up and coming, well-vetted scalable programs online, in work groups and in “real time” opportunities at conferences and convenings
  • Knowledge– the latest articles, case studies, research, and other publications and resources on scaling social solutions and organizations
  • Learning – through tools and templates, evaluation frameworks, investor reports, and sample business plans
  • Networking – opportunities to interact with peers through 'members-only' events, briefings,conferences and online work environments
  • Nominating grantees to Exchange funding platforms, funding collaboratives and venues such as its Business Plan Compeition.

Membership is currently open to:

  • Philanthropic Funders – independent foundations, family foundations, individual donors, corporate foundations, giving circles and other philanthropic funders who donate at least $100,000 annually
  • Institutional Investors – investment funds, private banks, multi-family offices, trust companies
  • Philanthropy and Wealth Advisors – foundation-support organizations
  • Intermediaries – that focus on scaling and growth capital raising
  • Knowledge Providers – researchers, evaluation firms, information providers
  • Government – federal, state and local officials interested in scaling solutions
  • Professional Firms – consultants and other service providers involved in scaling
  • Social Purpose Organizations – leaders from nonprofit and for-profit organizations interested in scaling their social impact

Social Impact Exchange
122 E. 42nd St. 17th floor
New York, New York 10168 map
(corner of 42nd St. and Lexington Ave)
Main Telephone number: 212-551-1148
Fax number: 212-551-1001

For more information about Growth Philanthropy Network and the Social Impact Exchange,we invite you to call us at 212-551-1148

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