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Ideas ... Shared Value
Shared Value Summit ... May 2012

Prof. Michael Porter giving keynote at the 2012 Shared Value Summit

Professor Porter has some good ideas, but his basic premise that 'only business creates wealth' is fundamentally wrong. This means that it is unlikely for his conclusions to make much sense.

My view is that it is 'economic activity' that produces wealth, but not all economic activity produces money wealth. My view is that not all wealth is money wealth. Most of the important things in life are not money per se, though money does make it possible to trade to get things that are important and a component of wealth.

I believe that Professor Porter has moved the 'business' conversation a little bit towards something that is more sensible for the future of society and the economy, but this remains a 'business school' perspective and really misses the nig point that market opportunities which result in profit are never going to address the big societal needs have value but cannot make much money profit.

Professor Porter almost gets it right, but his metrics are still organization centric without any perspective that comes at economic activity from the community perspective. He is almost there ... but in fact remains in the organization mindset.
Peter Burgess

Prof. Michael Porter Shared Value Summit

Professor Michael E. Porter's keynote from the 2012 Shared Value Leadership Summit on May 31. Learn more at The Harvard Business Review article referred to in the article can be found here:
How to fix capitalism ... a PDF

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