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TVM Principles of Management
Full scope TrueValueMetrics relates all the activities of the reporting entity on the STATE of an external entity. This external entity may be an individual (that is the person perspective, a community (that is the place perspective) or a larger region (like a country, state or nation), or the product perspective.
Optimizing performance of any aspect of the overall socio-enviro-economic system is complex and requires compromise. Up to now economic analysis has been dominated by the goal of optimizing the performance of financial capital, without taking into consideration the very real constraints of the other 'means of production', that is, the classical economics, labor and land ... and now in the framing of TrueValueMetrics, the dimension of society (social capital) and the dimension of the environment (natural capital). Essential only financial performance (economic capital) has been optimized, with the other capitals ignored.
Every reporting entity should address ALL the impacts on ALL the capitals and ALL the atekeholders even though a specific report may be required only for one of the many stakeholders.
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