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Urban decay Social Housing (London) Slums and Affluence Comfortable Living (UK)
 •   Everyone needs somewhere to live ... to be sheltered from the elements:
 •   Politicians talk about 'affordable housing' but don't understand much about what this means.
 •   People with wealth and high incomes are able to afford housing no matter how much it costs;
 •   People with modest means and low incomes are 'priced' out of the market.

Why is it that there is so much 'homelessness' in a 'rich' country like the USA?
 •   ... because most of the population is earning little more today than they were 40 years ago;
 •   Meanwhile the cost of building new housing has increased substantially;
 •   Owners of property (housing) are in control of the market;
 •   The price of both buying a house or renting has gone up because of supply and demand.

The solution to this problem is to recognise that the application of basic market principles can work if the investment drivers are not simply profit maximization, but the application of triple bottom line (TBL) optimization where quality of life is important as well as augmenting financial wealth.

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