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There are many different truths from a single activity. It depends on your point of view ... on where you stand!:
  • that of the individual person or household,
  • the community,
  • a place
  • a small business,
  • a very large business,
  • a product and all the steps in the life cycle of the product,
    • its supply chain,
    • production,
    • use and
    • post use waste chain.
Every item or entity in the socio-enviro-economic system needs to be measured in a way that reflects the impact the entity has accumulated to date and will accumulate in the future.
The payroll conundrum
  • When you are a wage earner, it is good when wages are high. When wages are higher, you can have a better quality of life.
  • When you are paying wages, it is good when the wages are low. With low wages, the profits are higher.
  • In this situation what is the right wage rate?
The value and costs of energy
  • The industrial revolution has done more to improve quality of life than any other event in history ... and that is very very good. It is energy more than anything else that made the industrial revolution possible.
  • But energy derived from the burning of fossil fuels has also resulted in some very serious changes to the environment and increasingly dangerous instabilities that must not be ignored.
  • The world needs better energy, and for this fossil fuel combustion needs to be replaced with something better.
The flow of material
  • The flow of material has grown massively over the past several decades. As material has become easier to produce and cost less, it has been used less efficiently and become a massive source of waste.
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