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Comparing 2020 with 2000
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The decline in the standing of the USA over the past 20 years has been catastrophic ... the reasons are many, and quite complex.

Major US allies have dropped to very low levels (with the exception of S. Korea). Germany has the lowest level of approval, and the UK has also dropped substantially.
  • Generally speaking, in 2000, the USA was in a fairly good situation. Y2K had passed without any huge technical disruption and the Clinton administration had not made significant global bluners.
  • With 9/11 in 2001, there was widespread sympathy for the USA in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.
  • But all this started to change with the catastrophic decision in 2003 for the USA to get involved with regime change in Iraq. The administration of Bush (43), Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice had a world view that was out-of-step with the world of the time. Many around the world think of this quartet as war-criminals!
  • The reputation of the Bush (43) era was not helped any by the Wall Street debacle in 2008 and the great recession brought on by obscene banking misfeasance
  • The administration of President Obama did a very commendable job in getting the USA (and the world) out of the financial crisis and on a path to economic recovery. The recovery would have been considerably faster if the Republicans in Congress led by Senator McConnell had been prepated to cooperate, but they were totally obstructionist.
  • The subsequent administration of Trump has done everything in its power to disrupt almost everything ... and it is not likely to be over yet.
It is no wonder that US reputation has dropped in this way.
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