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Place is one of the perspectives that is used in the TrueValueMetrics (TVM) management framework. Place is almost an actor ... because the characteristics of a place make a huge difference in the outcomes the happen in a place.

At its core, the TVM framework for analysis is based on ALL capitals, segmented as follows ... including for the analysis of place:
  1. Social Capital;
  2. Natural Capital and
  3. Economic Capital
These capitals should be thought of as a both a resource that gets used in activities by actors to produce results and a way of keeping track of progress by looking at the way these capitals change over time.

In this case, an eight segment framework for analysis of place maps to the TVM capital framework as follows:
  1. Land Division as Value
    For TVM land has both a value in natural capital and in economic capital.

  2. Infrastructure collective cost individual profit
    For TVM an element of Economic Capital but may be publicly owned or privately owned.

  3. Culture as Collective Value
    For TVM the Cultural Capital component of Social Capital.

  4. Culture Exchange Place Typologies: Church Schools Parks, Clubs, Market Place
    For TVM a component of Locational Capital within Social Capital.

  5. Nature as a System
    For TVM this is part of Natural Capital.

  6. System Theory
    For TVM there is recognition that the socio-enviro-economic system is a system and there should be systemic solutions for systemic problems.

  7. Communication Exchange and Capture Web 2.0
    For TVM communications and data are tools that should be used to enable improvement in progress and performance from every perspective.

  8. Project proposal, Time, Resources, Scope
    For TVM a project may be a good way of implementing an activity, but the purpose is efficient use of resources to achieve better progress and performance.

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