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Measure Change in State and you Measure Progress
Beginning of Period STATE -- ACTIVITIES / FLOW -- End of Period STATE
Analysis of Activities
The analysis of activities may be interesting, but really is not very useful. The actual performance of the activities may be compared to the plan, but not much else.
Analysis of State
The analysis of state shows whether or not there has been progress of not. This is much more useful in relation to the progress of development, but is still limited.
The TVM approach starts with this basic framework which has its origins in the foundational structure of conventional financial accounting.

The enhanced management accountancy approach of TVM combines this foundational idea with the concept of the Triple Bottom Line that relates to the Profit and Loss Account (ACTIVITIES) and the concept of accounting for all the capitals that relates to the Balance Sheet (STATE).

From the early days of the industrial revolution financial wealth has been created by exploiting social capital (people/labor) and natural capital (natural resource depletion and environmental degradation). Until recently there has been an assumption that this exploitation was sustainable, but this view has now changed.
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