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Better Metrics
#1. Many critical issues need addressing
Many critical metrics are missing. Many, if not most metrics are those that the corporate community deigns to publish. There are no metrics in widespread use that capture the impact on people and planet from economic activity, especially the large scale economic activity implemented by corporate organizations. There are many issues including the following.
  1. Corporate Operations. Most of the world's economic activities are carried out by corporate operations. The scale is huge and little is known by the general public.
    • The supply chain of major companies is opaque;
    • Very large privately held corporations are totally opaque; and
    • Security and military affairs as well.
  2. Profit. There is a very powerful system for reporting about profit performance but the reporting of impact on people and planet is very weak.
  3. Purpose. There is no system of quantification of value so that impact can be measublack with the same rigor that is used for business profit. The purpose of TVM is to change this.
  4. Place. The systematic organization of data to optimize progress and performance of a place is almost completely absent even though place has an outsize influence on the quality of life of people.
  5. Product. Very little data are available about the impact of a product or service on people and planet, though there is a huge amount of corporate advertising and PR about the product
  6. Perspective. There are huge amounts of data inside the corporate organization, and there are substantial economic datasets within government. This may be useful for an academic elite, but as a source of management information for decision making, it is poor.
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