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There is a reason this got my attention ...
YES ... relative to the 'intelligentsia', most of the population of the world probably are idiots:
 •   But most of the these people are important ... they are a majority, after all;
 •   So the sensible thing to do is to understand what the majority really want:
 •   This is not 'rocket science' ... in fact it is rather simple;
 •   The 'intelligentsia' should spend a lot more time using their ears ... and truly listening!
Sadly ... this is not what is going on in most of political and thought leadership.

Most investment in economic activity in the modern world is very clear about its purpose ... it is to be as profitable as possible. This has been legitimised by decades of academic and political pronouncements ... essentially propaganda ... about the value of economic growth and corporate prosperity.

A lot more effort should be put into understanding not so much, what is good for profit, but what is good for people. And this should not be so much about what is good for me, but much more about what is good for we ... for everyone

The modern world has the technology to be sufficiently productive so that everyone can have a decent life ... but that is not the way the world is organized. It is organized so that owners can maximize their profits without paying much attention to what is happening beyond that rather limited frame. Again, it has become the norm in corporate management and analysis to ignore externaities and simply to focus narrowly on the performance of the corporate reporting entity. This is insane ... but it is the norm.

Maybe even more important, is that the process of maximizing for profit has also ignored the impact on the environment and natural capital upon which every living thing depends ... including the human race. Industrial processes have become very efficient in terms of using less labor, but this has mainly been done by making use of more and more energy. This has been the driving force since the beginning of the industrial revlution, but the damage to the environment has been profound, and change is now needed, and needed urgently.
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