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The Application of TVM
TrueValueMetrics and The Ecological Sequestration Trust
SCHEMATIC FOR The Ecological Sequestration Trust (TEST)
Elements of the TEST schema
TEST TVM comment
Demographics The characteristics of the population are an important component in TVM. The population is included in TVM as a central element of SOCIAL CAPITAL.
Firmographics The characteristics of the business community and other organizations are also an important part of TVM. In TVM these are an element of ECONOMIC CAPITAL.
Companies In TVM there is the framing for a complete accounting for each and every company. In TVM, companies are important ACTORS in the system.
Markets In TVM, markets reflect results rather than being an active driver of events. A market or marketplace facilitates transactions, but the decisions are made by specific actors and the results then get reflected in the market.
External World In TVM the 'external world' never gets ignored. All the externalities are accounted for all of the time. In TVM there is accounting for ALL the CAPITALS, ALL the ACTORS and ALL the ACTIVITIES.
Households Households or families are a key part of the TVM framing of the socio-enviro-economic system. It is the first level of aggregation of individual people. Households aggregate into communities and higher levels of PLACE.
People Individual people are a basic element of the TVM framing of the socio-enviro-economic system. People are the ultimate reason why we have econmic activity. A big part of the reason there is systemic dysfunction is because it has been assumed that that what is good for corporate profits and economic growth (GDP) is also good for people and worse, completely ignores the associated degradation of natural capital and the depletion of natural resources.
Decisions TVM considers decisions as a part of a system. In themselves decisions are not interesting. What is interesting is the result of decisions. Are decisions causing good effects or not?
Production / Investment / Activities / Well-being as in happiness, health, etc.
TVM has absolute clarity about outcome. An outcome is the IMPACT that activities have on STATE ... that is the STATE of ALL of the CAPITALS. In the TVM framing, progress is measured simply by comparing the CHANGE IN STATE over time, taking into account ALL the CAPITAL.
Government In the TVM framing Government is one of the ACTORS. Government should not be confused with 'nation' or 'country' or other geographic place.
Regulatory / Planning / Soft Policies / Culture
In the TVM framing there are many sub-divisions of ECONOMIC CAPITAL, one of which is INSTITUTIONAL CAPITAL that includes matters like the enabling environment such as rule of law and ther institutions and organizations that exist to make it possible to get things done.

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