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About Peter Burgess
Some General Background
Chapter 14

Much of the Burgess Book writing was drafted and then written and rewritten by Peter Burgess from 1996 u til the present time. It is startesd out as the essential reforms needed for peace and socio-economic progress in the field of international socio-economic development, but over time has been updated and merged with other material to support the mission of TrueValueMetrics and the development of a complete system of True Value Impact Accounting.
This TDUD material was the foundation for a book 'IRAQ, A NEW DIRECTION, A Strategy for Peace' published in 2005.
This book was was published through
This TDUD material was also the foundation for another book 'REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE for Relief and Development' published a year later in 2006.
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Three events make me feel the need to memorialize some of what I had learned during my multiple consulting assignments with the official development assistance (ODA) community over about a quarter of a century.
  1. I was in Ghana in West Africa at the turn of the Millennium and made a short trip to Liberia in connection with some thinking about community development. This did not turn out well and Charles Taylor had his army terrorize me and I fled.
  2. Three months later I was back in Ghana, again working to think through how better to progress community development, and one of the major financial players in the country had me arrested and jailed. After about 2 weeks I was released, but the experience was thought provoking.
  3. The third event was 9/11 which was a very dramatic wake up call ... but probably ended up causing way more damage and disruption for everyone in the world than it should have.
I am not a very good writer, though I am a pretty good analyst, I am not a good story teller. I have been quite effective at telling a bit of a story to enable decision making in a management setting, but that is very different from writing a book. This manuscript has been a work in progress for almost 20 years ... and still is a long way from being finished.


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