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Most financial metrics show growth and are therefore considered better

Stock market

Intangible value

Money supply

World GDP growth

US GDP growth

... while metrics for social and environmental impacts trending dangerously worse

Value of $ down

Wages flat
CO2 concentration
Temp v CO2

Sea level rise

CO2 emissions

Global Temperature Rise
Temperature rise
Global temperatures are on the rise again as 2016 has been marked as the hottest on record.
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Global Land and Ocean Temperature Anomolies from 1880 to 2016
The temperature rise post 1980 has been continuous ... reflecting the massive increase in scale of industrial activity in the post war years.
Very long term temperative change ... a period of 10,000 years
The temperature rise in the last hundred years is 'off the chart'

Correlation and Causality for Temperature Rise
Global temperature and Carbon Dioxide
The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased significantly over the same period 1880 to 2016

Ice Melt and Sea Level Rise
Arctic Ice Melt
Observation of ice melt has been going on for several decades. There are indications that the process of ice melt is accelerating rather than going more slowly.
Sea Level Rise ... 1992 to 2016
Multiple measures for sea level rise show sea level rise has been substantial in recent years
Coastal Inundations
The population of many major cities will be adversely affected by sea level rise

Superstorm Sandy ... October 2012
Superstorm Sandy
A coastline destroyed: Terrifying pictures show the devastation wreaked on New Jersey's shores by Sandy
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Impact of Superstorm Sandy on New Jersey
Homes, flooded after Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the southern New Jersey coastline, on October 30, 2012 in Tuckerton, New Jersey.
The Economic Damage Associated with Superstorm Sandy
An aerial photo of Jan 18 2013 shows thousands of cars damaged during Superstorm Sandy and stored on the runways at an airport in Calverton, N.Y.
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