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... while metrics for social and environmental impacts trending dangerously worse

Value of $ down

Wages flat
CO2 concentration
Temp v CO2

Sea level rise

CO2 emissions

Climate Change is Real GO TOP
Temperature Measurements since the Year 1000

For 900 years from 1000 to 1900 the scientific data points show a very slow reduction in temperature.

Since around 1900 temperatures have been rising. The most worrying issue is that the temperature rise is faster in this time period than at any time in the past.
TPB Note: I had what would now be called a STEM focused education at school and then went on to study engineering at Cambridge. My training was so very different from what it takes to become a lawyer where a strong argument using words can change the outcome. In engineering it is scientific reality that drives the outcome, and no amount of verbal argument can make bad engineering stay together. Thank heavens it is engineers that design and build aircraft, and not lawyers, and especially lawyers who have become politicians!

The Existential Risks of Climate Change GO TOP
Global Warming

Sea Level Rise

Extreme Weather

Agricultural Disruption

The Existential Risks of Climate Change GO TOP
Sea Level Rise
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