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Financial Inclusion ... Accion-CFI-Uniting-Tech-and-Touch-Kenya-2017
36 page paper prepared by Alexis Beggs Olsen in November 2017
While Kenyans are comfortable conducting transactions digitally, other key aspects of the financial service customer journey are not adequately handled by digital means alone
Open PDF ... Accion-CFI-Uniting-Tech-and-Touch-Kenya-2017.pdf
Pavlina R. Tcherneva Levy Economics Institute of Bard College 26 pages
Money, in this paper, is defined as a power relationship of a specific kind, a stratified social debt relationship, measured in a unit of account determined by some authority. A brief historical examination reveals its evolving nature in the process of social provisioning. Money not only predates markets and real exchange as understood in mainstream economics but also emerges as a social mechanism of distribution, usually by some authority of power (be it an ancient religious authority, a king, a colonial power, a modern nation state, or a monetary union). Money, it can be said, is a “creature of the state” that has played a key role in the transfer of real resources between parties and the distribution of economic surplus.

Open PDF ... Levy-Bard-College-Money-Power-and-Monetary-Regimes

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