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Date: 2024-06-19 Page is: DBtxt003.php L070-XR-EXISTENTIAL-RISKS
Everything has some risk ... but there are existential risks that are orders of magnitude more problematic
A problem that has been growing for about 4 decades ... and ignored for all this time. Rich 'successful' people are responsible for this and will not do anything about it.
Obscene Wealth Terrible Poverty Juxtaposed More ... Open L0700-XR-Inequality
Mostly caused by war and violence, but increasingly also being caused by dysfunctional governing institutions and climate change.
Africa North Korea Somalia More ... Open L0700-XR-Food-Insecurity
The value destruction associated with war is ignored in metrics like GDP ... though the production of the bombs that do the damage are included.
Aleppo, Syria Sanaa, Yemen Mosul, Iraq More ... Open L0700-XR-War
The horror of killing ... genocide ... is tough to witness. But too many world leaders have been responsible for this behavior in both the distant and recent past.
Monrovia, Liberia Darfur, Sudan Rwanda More ... Open L0700-XR-Wanton-Killing
The modern 'for profit' market driven economy does not result in quality affordable housing, but rather extreme opulance or derelict properties and slums.
Detroit, USA Modern slums Kibera, Kenya More ... Open L0700-XR-Urban-Degradation
Products are important to improve standard of living and quality of life, but most products post use then become waste that in many cases pollutes the planets for a very long time.
Air pollution Land fill Plastic More ... Open L0700-XR-Industrial-Pollution
Undeveloped natural land is very important for the operation of the global ecosystem, but more and more of natueral land is being developed either for agriculture or for industrial or urban development.
Mining Deforestation Desertification More ... Open L0700-XR-Degraded-Land
Extreme weather events are getting more frequent and more ferocious. This is not suprising given the huge increase in the latent energy of the climate system that results from just a small increase in global temperatuve.
Hurricanes Rain / Flooding Tropical depressions More ... Open L0700-XR-Climate-Change
In a drought ... without water, vegetation dies, livestock die and eventually people die. Without water, life cannot be sustained.
No water everything dies More ... Open L0700-XR-Drought-Water-Shortages

The banking crisis of 2008 should have been a wake-up call!
Most major policy implementation is ignoring environmental risks!
A dangerously large part of the world's population is being left behind!

Accelerating degradation of Natural Capital and the Environment
The changing risk landscape - presentations at the World Economic Forum
While the following is of interest and important, it should be noted that the methodology used to determine the impact and the likelihood of certain events is almost certainly biased towards events that are noteworthy and are in the news. This bias is almost certainly getting worse as the pace of the news cycle accelerates. Nevertheless the information presented at the WEF (World Economic Forum) is of considerable interest.
Risk landscape in 2014 Risk landscape in 2018
Changing Global-Risk-Profiles ... Presentations at the WEF
includes bigger images
Open L0700-XR-Global-Risk-Profiles-WEF

Impact rankings Likelihood rankings Impact and Likelihood
as of 2014 as of 2018 as of 2014 as of 2018 as of 2014 as of 2018
Fiscal crisis Weapons of Mass Destruction Income disparity Extreme weather events Climate Change Extreme weather events
More about Climate Change ... Open L0700-XR-Climate-Change
Climate change Extreme weather events Extreme weather events Natural disasters Unemployment and Underemployment Natural disasters
More about Natural Disasters ... Open L0700-XR-Natural-disasters
Water crisis Natural disasters Unemployment and underemployment Cyberattacks Extreme Weather Events Failure to address climate change
More about Climate Change ... Open L0700-XR-Climate-Change
Unemployment and underemployment Failure to address climate change Climate change Data fraud or theft Income Disparity Cyberattacks
More about Digital-Malfeasance ... Open L0700-XR-Digital-Malfeasance
Critical information and infrastructure breakdown Water crisis Cyberattacks Failure to address climate change Fiscal Crises Weapons of Mass Desruction
More about Weapons of Mass Desruction ... Open L0700-XR-WMDs
Extreme weather events Cyberattacks Date fraud and thefts Large scale involuntary migration Water Crises Water Crisis
More about Water Crisis ... Open L0700-XR-Water
Biodiversity loss and ecosystem breakdown Food crisis Water crises Man made envirnmental disasters Cyberattacks Large scale involuntary migration
More about Large scale involuntary migration ... Open L0700-XR-Migration
Cyberattacks Biodiversity loss Fiscal crises Terrorist attacks Biodivdersity Loss and Ecosystem Collapses Man made environmental disasters
More about Man made environmental disasters ... Open L0700-XR-Environmental-degradation
Income disparity Large scale involuntary migration Mismanaged urbanization Illicit trade Data Fraud and Theft Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse
More about Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse ... Open L0700-XR-Biodiversity-loss
Political and Social Instability Infectious diseases Natural catastrophes Asset bubbles in a major economy Failure of Financial Mechanisms or Institutions Food crisis
More about Food crisis ... Open L0700-XR-Food-crisis
Failure of Financial Mecahnisms or Institutions Manmade environmental disasters Antibiotic resistant bacteria Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse Political or Social Instability Data fraud or theft
More about Data fraud or theft ... Open L0700-XR-Digital-Malfeasance
Weapons of Mass Destruction Interstate conflict Manmade environmental catastrophes Water crisis Critical information infrastructure breakdown Terrorist attacks
More about Terrorism ... Open L0700-XR-Violence-Terrorism
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