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Not a good way to solve problems

Iranian terrorist group has close US allies
The Mujahedin-e Khalq, which the US designates a terrorist group, has the backing of prominent American conservatives.
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Stiglitz ... The price of 9/11
AlJazeera English ... Opinion ... Ten years after 9/11, al-Qaeda has been greatly weakened; but the price paid by the US was enormous, and unnecessary.
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The Arafat Assassination: Israel’s Lethal History with Polonium
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About the terror incident in London in March 2017
' Polands-PM-response-Page-05.pdf'
Open pdf ... London-March-2017-and Polands-PM-response-Page-05.pdf
US-national-strategy-for-combating-terrorist-and-other-illicit-financing ... 2018
Open pdf ... US-national-strategy-for-combating-terrorist-and-other-illicit-financing ... 124 pages

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