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Very powerful ... but how should it be used?

What they know ... the really smart cell phone
Researchers are harvesting a wealth of intimate detail from our cellphone data
Open file 53
UN's Global Pulse Initiative
The UN's Global Pulse Initiative has potential to use mobile data to identify trends
Open file 54
About Stuff ... The Story of Cap & Trade
VIDEO Does cap and trade encourage the best behaviors or not?
Open file 261
AlJazeera English ... Counting the Cost / Brand wars: All about gadgets
How will Google's Motorola deal impact Apple's dominance in the mobile market?
Open file 379
Technology and Data
Marine Movements
What is available to the interested public is amazing ... but how best to use it
Open file 811
Technology, Society and Economy
OLPC delays upgrade in 2010 and now launches upgrade in 2012
OLPC is an initiative from MIT Media Labs that aims to use technology to improve education in poor societies
Open file 1951
Technology, Society and Economy
An identity system that has failed
Global Maritime Analysis with Joseph Keefe > January 2012 ... TWIC: Safe & Sound – or not…
Open file 1965
Technology, Society and Economy
A technology initiative to improve the management of data
Open file 1942
Technology, Society and Economy
Competition in the Pad technology space
December 27, 2011 CNET News Nanotech - The Circuits Blog ... 'Xoom 2' is no iPad 2--and that can also be a good thing
Open file 1802
Technology. Society and Economy
Solving the problem of crowded sidewalks
Technology often has more than a single use. Works well in Japan, but might not do so well in New York. Will try.
Open file 1815
Technology, Society and Economy
State of the arms race ...
between repressive governments and anti-censorship/surveillance Tor technology (and why American companies are on the repressive governments' side)
Open file 1833
Technology, Society and Economy
A new type of auto engine
Professor Norbert Mueller at Michigan State University describes his wave disk generator
Open file 1838
Technology, Society and Economy
About software
Microsoft Embraces Elephant of Open Source ... aka Hadoop, the yellow elephant.
Open file 1757
Technology, Society and Economy
About software and some people involved
M.C.Srivas, an Ex-Google Man, Sells Search Genius to Rest of World
Open file 1758
Technology, Society and Economy
Using technology to apprehend shooters
War Games ... Sniper Detectors Coming to America's Heartland
Open file 1784
Technology, Society and Economy
Battery runs on paper, releases water as byproduct
If this technology stands up to investigations, it would be pretty amazing
Open file 1738
Google ... Peter Burgess Google Plus
Peter Burgess Google Plus ... trying to learn how best to use the Google Plus platform
Open file 1673
Technology, Society and Economy
Impressions of the tech sector
A Forbes contributor documenting the emerging economy ... How Optimism Got Baked Into The Recession
Open file 1683
Technology, Society and Economy
63% of corporate economic transactions may be passing over SAP systems
SAP acquires US-based SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion ... further strengthening its corporate system stranglehold!
Open file 1600
Technology, Society and Economy
Poornima Vijayshankar Founder of Bizeebee
Poornima Vijayshankar Founder Bizeebee - Tech Cocktail Delivering Happiness at SXSW
Open file 1590
Technology, Society and the Economy
Technology Progress
4 Mobile Capabilities We Only Dreamed of Yesterday and Are Already Here Today
Open file 1493
Technology, Society and Economy
Open Source and Operating Systems
The rise and fall of Illumos ... how corporate executives hijack technology to serve the corporation and not society
Open file 1710
Technology and Society
Peter Cashmore
The Future of Social Media - Mashable Media Summit
Open file 1201
Apps, Websites, etc
An application that aims to bring peopled together in a neighborhood
Open file 1172
Incredible power of modern IT
Fighting in the Fifth Dimension ... Innovations in technology are changing the tactics of modern-day conflict, turning the cyberworld into a new frontline.
Open file 1041
Google+ and tracking the path of a message
Google+ and tracking the path of a message
Open file 942
Amazing Science and Technology
Two for one ... photography and rocket
VIDEO Qu8k - BALLS 20 - Carmack Prize Attempt - High Altitude Rocket On-board Video
Open file 720
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Open file 770
Technical Possibilities
Seven Disruptive Products
Seven Disruptive Innovations that are Changing World Market ... markets to serve wants more than satisfying needs
Open file 788
Technical Possibilities
Google spatial information
5 Magical Things About Google Maps ... which show what can be done to deploy TrueValueMetrics everywhere
Open file 789
People ... Technical / Time Structure:Data Conference
Speakers for the Time Structure:Data conference with short biographies
Open file 2207
Conferences, Society and Economy / Media Partners for Structure Data Conference
Media Partners
Open file 2208
Conferences, Society and Economy / Technology ... Structure Data
March 2012 in New York ... A conference oreganized by GigaOM ... Structure:Data ... The Big Picture for Big Data
Open file 2209
Conferences, Society and Economy / Technology ... Structure Data
March 2012 in New York ... A conference organized by GigaOM ... The schedule of events / subjects being discussed
Open file 2210
Technology, Society and Economy / Web based tools
50 Fun, Useful, and Totally Random Resources for Nonprofits ... but are these tools going to help address any really important issues?
Open file 2232
Technology, Society and Economy / Home building ... Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs)
A prescriptive way of using SIP as a cost effective way of home construction in the USA
Open file 2370
Technology, Society and Economy / Google Drive
More and mnore technology .... but what are we going to do about digesting substance?
Open file 2382
Software, Society and Economy / FOSS ... Free Open Source Software
The Free and Open Productivity Suite ... Announcing Apache OpenOffice 3.4
Open file 2428
Technology / Twilk
Some code that puts followers onto a Twitter page
Open file 3293 Twilk
Technology / The modern database ... amazing
Setting The Record Straight - SAP HANA v. Exadata X3
Open file 3400
Technology / Cutting edge database design
Welcome to 'In-Memory Data Management' ... a course at given by HPIopen in September/October 2012
Open file 3402
Technology / Statistics and Predictions
Santiago Zabala ... Predicting the future through online data mining ... Recorded Future predicts when and where a demonstration will occur after mining from the web all the related activities.
Open file 3420
Information Technology / Freedom and Monopoly
Is Google a free speech opportunist?
Open file 3473 Information Technology
Technology / Applications and web destinations
How ETSY Is Changing the Way We All Do Business
Open file 3485
Technology / Applications Development
Karthick Reddy ... Emerging better ways for app development ... Html5 With Mobile Application Tips And Tricks
Open file 3496
Technology / Emerging Cyberwarfare
Will the apocalypse arrive online? ... How fear of cyber attack could take down your liberties and the constitution.
Open file 3511
Technology / Mobile phones
Samsung’s Galaxy S III passes Apple iPhone 4S as best-selling phone
Open file 3565
Technology for Reform / Givology
Givology is a technology initiative to link microdonors with small development initiatives
Open file 3628


Open PDF ... ISO-exploring-drones-paper-2014

Laptops and Desktop Computers

Open PDF ... Staples-laptops-and-desktops-160216


Open PDF ... Datawrapper-All-New-Maps-Datawrapper-Academy-160324
Open PDF ... Disaster-Response-being-aided-by-aerial-mapping-and-AI-2016-Patrick-Meier

Open PDF ... Spark-Autodesk-New-Advancements-in-3D-Printing-160325

Learning-Solutions-Magazine-Five-Things-a-Web-Developer-Needs-to-Know-About-the-xAPI by Andy Johnson, Jason Haag & Steve Foreman ''
Open PDF ... Learning-Solutions-Magazine-Five-Things-a-Web-Developer-Needs-to-Know-About-the-xAPI

Closing the Feedback Loop ... a publication of the World Bank
Public Sector Governance ... Can Technology Bridge the Accountability Gap ... Bjorn-Soren Gigler and Savita Bailur, Editors'
Open PDF ... Closing the Feedback Loop

May 02, 2017 -- IMCI, a leading and proven provider of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) solutions, announced today the signing of an option agreement to acquire the exclusive rights to a sensor encryption technology.
Open PDF ... IMCI-encryption-press-release

Technology / Materials ... Ceramic Matrix Composites
GE Aviation and the Ceramic Matrix Composite Revolution
Open file 13116

Issues in Technology
Critical driver of much in the modern world ... for good and bad
Top Ten Issues in 2018 by Brad Smith and Carol Ann Brown
A 21 page paper well worth the read. Brad Smith and Carol Ann Brown are from Microsoft. Brad Smith is the President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft.
Open PDF ... Top-Ten-Issues-in-2018-by-BradSmith-and-CarolAnnBrown
Technology for Rural Communities
Diversity and Tech
Privacy and Surveillance
AI and its Role in Society
Net Neutrality
Coding in Schools
Globalization of the IT Sector

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