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HYDROGEN ... abundant, clean and quite practical

Toyota has been making a serious committment to hydrogen fuel cell technology
Toyota has developed a hydrogen fuel cell technology that has been deployed in a medium size passenger car ... the Mirai that is being sold and operated in California, USA.
How the Mirai works
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Toyota is now adapting this fuel cell technology for use in heavy trucks. The first experimental vehicle was suitable for short distance freight movement and was tested around the docks in California. A second experimental vehicle has been developed with a longer range more suited to over-the-road service.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
Transportation News Toyota Doubles-Down on Zero Emissions Heavy-Duty Trucks
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
Toyota launches second-gen fuel-cell Class 8 ... With the same brute hauling power and zero emissions of the original Project Portal fuel cell-powered Class 8 truck, Project Portal 2.0 adds 50% more driving range. (Bill Visnic)
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Hydrogen Production
Hydrogen can be separated by using a variety of process technologies that are available:
(1) Steam reforming of methane is the most common method of hydrogen production today. It starts with liquids or gases containing hydrogen like natural gas or sustainable biogas sourced from landfills. The fuel then reacts with steam at high temperatures in a reformer, leaving you with hydrogen.
(2) Gasification is a process in which organic materials, like crops and livestock waste, are converted into hydrogen. The organic materials are placed under high temperatures, which triggers a reaction that separates the hydrogen.
(3) Hydrogen can also be produced by separating water into its two primary elements—hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). This process, known as electrolysis, passes an electrical current through the water.
Paper about hydrogen production economics from 1980
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