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There are many trends in population demographics that pose problems

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A global agenda for seven billion
AlJazeera English ... Opinion ... A baby will soon be born, marking the 7th billion citizen in a world that needs much more global cooperation.
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World population reaches 7 billion
World population reaches 7 billion
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Population Impact ... Erhlich Environmental Impact Equation
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Saving the World, One Bottle of Cabernet at a Time
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Trailer for the film ... Mother: Caring for 7 Billion
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Where to put the next billion people ... Richard T. T. Forman and Jianguo Wu call for global and regional approaches to urban planning.!/menu/main/topColumns/topLeftColumn/pdf/537608a.pdf
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The problem is that the outlook isn’t getting any better with time. Japan is saddled with the most debt of any country, the largest monetary base as a percentage of GDP in the developed world, and the BoJ has now endeavored to go negative with interest rates. In the background, and even more important, is Japan’s lingering demographic crisis. The country’s population is projected to fall from 127 million to 87 million by 2060, at which point more than 40% of the population will be older than 65.
TPB note: This problem goes away as soon as the metrics are about human value and quality of life, rather than being about GDP growth and financial wealth accumulation for the investor class!
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Japan ... Aging Population
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2000 years of GDP (PPP) growth
Estimated by Angus Maddison
The 'economy', according to these estimates was tiny 2000 years ago compared to where it is today, and still relatively small 200 years ago around 1820.
Year Western Europe United States
Year 1 14 <1
1820 160 13
1950 1396 1456
2008 8700 9485
US GDP grew very fast from 1820 to 1950, outpacing Western Europe quite significantly, but slowed relatively in the period since 1950 to 2008 but still outpacing Western Europe but rather modestly.
World Population by Country - 2017
Note the combined population of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh exceeds that of China

The population in Africa is very young
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