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Argentine ... Occupy the Factory
Employment, Society and Economy ... Argentine ... What are people to do when a factory stops production because the owners see it as being unprofitable?
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Wages and Salaries
Not for Profit Sector Listing of top salaries in the not for profit sector ... 2012 ... more than 100 organizations ... some very high remunerations.
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EPI - trading-manufacturing-advantage-china-trade
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Wages -v- Corporate Taxes and Corporate Profit
EPI Report ... Cutting corporate taxes will not boost American wages
By Josh Bivens • October 25, 2017
Open PDF ... EPI-Report-Cutting-corporate-taxes-will-not-boost-American-wages-2017
Wages are in opposition to profits
Profits up, society down is not sustainable
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Country ... Haiti
Controversy over Haiti’s development A new industrial park in Haiti will create jobs, but is it leading the country in a “race to the bottom”?
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Open PDF ... Demos-Fast-Food-Failure-2014
Brookings study about unemployment in the United States
Open PDF ... Brookings study about unemployment in the United States
OXFAM study about impact of $10.10 minimum wage in the United States
Open PDF ... OXFAM study about impact of $10.10 minimum wage in the United States
Open PDF ... St-Louis-Fed-employment-report-2015
Open PDF ... ATA-Driver-Shortage-Report-2015
Transport / Logistics / Employment
Shortage of Truck Drivers in the USA
Shortage of Truck Drivers in the USA ... Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015 by the American Trucking Associations
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Basic observation
Employment is perhaps the single most important determinant of success in development. No jobs, no employment and a modern economy and society is dysfunctional.
Prevailing response
Very little attention has been paid to employment. The failed development is the “south” all have employment deficits that are obscene, and it has been little reflected in the strategy to reduce poverty.
A better response
Employment must be a central element of successful development, and thought through from the community level and then up. Work should be paid for that does good things for the community and the local economy, and it needs to be paid for in ways that strengthen rather than weaken the economic foundation.

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