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Basic observation
Culture has value, though not easy to measure using monetary units. Culture is a determinant of a lot of human behavior that is not otherwise explicable.
Prevailing response
Culture has been sidelined as a useful part of the relief and development equation. To the extent that it is supported it is hanging on at the outside where it does no harm, but sadly not much good either. Most ORDA institutions are using a development model that has no place for “culture”
A better response
Culture has a lot of value when it is used to help understand what works and what does not. Culture gets in the way when the structure is wrong, but the culture is advantageous when it is used to facilitate progress.

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Culture and Humanity
Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability
A TED talk by Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability
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Culture, Society and Economy
The BlackList community
An interesting perspective
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Complex Society in the Radical Middle
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Publisher: Založba: Univerza v Ljubljani, Biotehniška fakulteta
Society is complex because it is composed of diverse components who evaluate every important social issue as incommensurable horizontally (among interest groups) and vertically (micro-macro). Social incommensurability (Munda) as a category addresses irreconcilable but legitimate social oppositions. It claims that no objective basis exists for rational choice between social alternatives because different principles of legitimacy and social primacy must be reckoned with (Wacquant).
This raises concern for possibility for holistic evaluation of social affairs. As a result of emerging aggregation problem (Scriven), our ability to reach wide social consensus on the content and process of social transformation has been critically undermined. It seems, at least on the surface, that increased complexity directly contributes to disintegration of contemporary societies.
We think the opposite!
Today, social disintegration is enhanced not with the increasing complexity but with persistent application of traditionally simplistic understanding of social matters. By definition, integration of incommensurable social oppositions is not achievable in a direct way. So the proposal is to take an indirect path. In indirect approach, integration is accomplished in a mesoscopic perspective.
The main characteristic of meso evaluation is its capacity for addressing incommensurable oppositions in the intersectional way. “Intersectional” means through overlaps between incommensurable oppositions – but only in non essential instances which are marginally important to the corresponding agents who pursue these meanings. (Original text is in Slovenian language!). See long abstract.
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Open PDF ... European-Cultural-Heritage-Strategy-for-the-21st-Centrury

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