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Corporate Misbehavior
Some companies seem to believe that anything goes to increase profit performance

In my experience, the corporate world does not manage because something is right rather than being wrong, or leagal rather than being illegal, but rather in a way that makes increased profit more likely than not. Illegal, immoral and bad behavior is not a problem as long as the increase in income net of the cost adds to profit. Paying fines is simply a cost of doing business. One of the most profitable nehavior is illegal ... but the cost of settling the alleged bad behavior is often quite somall compared to the profit increment realized by the bad behavior. Corruption is very profitable. The international oil industry is very profitable ... and their international behavior leaves a lot to be desired. Corporate managers have a single goal ... profit optimization ... and enything goes in order to ahcieve that goal. [16221]
Peter Burgess
Workers' Rights ... Profit always comes first
Corporations Have Paid Out at Least $2.7 Billion in Civil-Rights and Labor Lawsuits Since 2000 ... Inside an analysis of corporate legal culture.
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