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Capital Markets

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Capital Markets
Basic observation
Capital markets are where capital can be accessed. Many different financial instruments have been created to makeit possible for wealth to finance development.
Prevailing response
Capital markets have done rather little to facilitate relief and development. The system has been used by World Bank and the regional development banks to help finance development, but it is on a small scale compared to the funding of global corporate enterprise. The creation of local capital markets has been cosmetic and marginal.
A better response
Capital markets need to be given the opportunity to invest in relief and development and to have success. A start must be made to document success in relief and development so that decision makers in capital market want to become involved and make money building a sector of the global economy that presently has no economic status at all.

The Impact Investing Asset Class
Impact investing ... Happy returns ... The birth of a virtuous new asset class
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Open PDF ... T-RowePrice-Global-Market-Outlook-for-2015-150100

Hedge Funds

Open PDF ... Bernard-Sharfman-on-value-of-hedge-funds-SSRN-id2576408
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