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TPB / TVM Commentary about Wages / Compensation
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TVM Briefs about Wages / Compensation
US Wages ...
Open L0900-US-Wages-160804
US Household Income ...
Open L0900-US-Household-Income-190204
Links to Info about Wages / Compensation
Economic Performance ... Productivity - v - Wage Growth
TPB commentary on a graphic prpared by EPI in 2016
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Economy ... USA
Wage Rates
ECONOMY ... Map: Where Workers’ Pay Has Risen the Most in Past Decade
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Paul Rosenberg
Ideas ... Remuneration ... December 2014 ... Let’s All Screw the 1 Percent: The Simple Move Obama Could Make to Strengthen the Rest of Us ... You're working more hours and not getting paid for them. We can fix that -- and put more people to work. Here's how.
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'Everything is Awesome'? Not So Much for Middle Class, Says Senator Elizabeth Warren
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Wages and Salaries
Not for Profit Sector Listing of top salaries in the not for profit sector ... 2012 ... more than 100 organizations ... some very high remunerations.
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Wages are in opposition to profits
Profits up, society down is not sustainable
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Argentina ... Occupy the Factory
Employment, Society and Economy ... Argentine ... What are people to do when a factory stops production because the owners see it as being unprofitable?
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Country ... Haiti
Controversy over Haiti’s development A new industrial park in Haiti will create jobs, but is it leading the country in a “race to the bottom”?
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PDFs about Wages / Compensation
EPI - trading-manufacturing-advantage-china-trade
Open PDF ... Economic-Performance/USA-Trend-WageGrowth-v-Productivity-TPB-160804
EPI - trading-manufacturing-advantage-china-trade
Open PDF ... trading-manufacturing-advantage-china-trade
Open PDF ... EPI-Why-americas-workers-need-faster-wage-growth
Open PDF ... EPI-summary-of-the-Raising-Americas-Pay-initiative-2014
Open PDF ... EPI-top-ceos-make-300-times-more-than-typical-workers
Open PDF ... EPI-CEO-pay-continues-to-rise
Open PDF ... Burgess-Transitioning-to-a-Greener-Society-130325.pdf
Open PDF ... Demos-Fast-Food-Failure-2014
Open PDF ... Annual-Wages-by-State--Coal-Mining-vs-All-Industries-2013
Open PDF ... IPS-Executive-Excess-2015-Money-To-Burn

Winners and Losers Since 2004 ... By Brian McGill and Dante Chinni ... an interactive map for counties ... December 2014
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