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Jerry Peloquin

TPB Connections ... Jerry Peloquin ... draft message re a new American Constitution


Peter Burgess
Re: A Thought on Value Measures Inbox x Jerome Peloquin 3:09 AM (7 hours ago) to me peter ... this is an email I wrote in response to Jim''s email to me (see email chain) However, before I send it I wanted you to see it (comments and corrections) I have NOT sent it. Please respond soonest!) Ok ... In re: TrueValue Metrics ... in many ways I share your concerns, however, to quote JFK '... we chose to do these things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.' Ahhhh the website! The TVM website is not really an effective tool in conventional terms. Peter knows that. It is the repository of his progress over many years and the repository of much developmental work, his database of sorts. In addition, he has been working alone. Actually, he has over 10K people on his Linkedin contact list and is both well respected and one of the most knoledgeable in the field. You really should at least have one discussion with him on the issue before writing it off. btw ... it should not be ESG - EES (Economic - Environmental & Social) capital. First, I have to say that measurement is not an option here. If we do not find a way to measure our predatory approach to habitation of this small blue dot, our planet will rid itself of a selfish greedy parasite, namely - Humanity! it is not necessary to have summative data. One can proceed with formative data under the circumstances. Yes it is the art of the possible but we MUST try! In many cases, generalized measures can work. If we can show positive or negative trending by,.. selecting a package of data sets and make them representative. This discussion would be best addressed by Peter, actually. My mission is, and has been to build a large commercial scale, Atlantic Salmon production facility in the mid-Atlantic region either in Philadelphia, Camden, or Baltimore. The intent is to utilize this as part of the restructuring infrastructure as the backbone of a community. The community would be underpinned by a collection of Greentech enterprise would form a post-modern industrial park with a focus on water/food/energy, essential for the success of any urban community. This would provide for water/food/ and energy security as it is intended to be a distributive model. I have been studying this and working on it for a number of years and have become an expert of sorts in the field ... I have had a Linkedin group called 'Commercial Aquaponics' for several years with over 2K members and have given lectures both here and in Central America (Columbia) on the subject. My premise is that a series of events and trends will interrupt the current status of life in the foreseeable future: Climate Change, Population shifts, Political crises (both here and elsewhere) as well as the coming hegemony of The Chinese economy and it's obvious territorial aspirations, all of these will likely cause serious interruptions in the food supply chain, energy grid, and access to clean potable water - i call it Project Nexus. We should talk before the next meeting. My number included in the signature block. I am interested in your serial entrepreneurship (I have the same symptoms I believe) jerry Jerome Peloquin cell: (410) 227-0498 (Skype) fishfarms1 LinkedIn Profile email: Motto: benefacientes benefactis We grow healthy local food ... save fresh clean water ... create decent paying jobs. On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 7:48 PM Jim Preston wrote: Peter has a LOT of info on his site but the design is a train wreck and will quickly turn visitors away. He needs a Wordpress site. I’ve been aware of this discussion since the late 80’s and it has made a little progress with the SEC and corporate financial reporting. The problem is there is a lot of subjectivity that anyone can easily shoot down. Accounting is most not ambiguous but trying to use this tool for social and environmental “accounting” has to rely on research estimates. I wish him luck finding a solution but it will never get popular attention. Climate change is a vastly easier sell and you know how that goes. We’re members of the American Humanist Association. My political experience dates back to the late 60’s and 70’s so rather ancient. It was a different world then. We’ve had this concentration of power in the late 1800’s. Teddy Roosevelt fought against it. Eisenhower complained about the military industrial complex. In the early 1900’s California adopted a liberal referendum process to blunt it and our state officers are all elected separate from the governor. Then term limits came but I’m not impressed with that. It just means that the staff has more legislative depth than the representatives and control things. Of course the staff wants to have good jobs when they have to leave. It is much more low profile for corps to take care of them, and cheaper. Tom Steyer is the guy for your project. We can certainly try to limit them in a new constitution but they will find a way to get past it eventually, like with Citizens United. Jim On Mar 30, 2020, at 4:28 PM, Jerome Peloquin wrote: Thanks, Jim ... I included the video because I wanted to demonstrate that I have operated in this space for some time. There is a short distance from recognizing the shortcomings of the Congressional Rules and the inordinate influence of the corporate actors in our governing to realizing that the system is likely beyond fixing. btw ... I worked on the hill for John McCormack, D, MA in the early 60' My fear is that the concentration of power had reached such a level of arrogance that repair is no longer possible. Additionally, the ballot is under attack and we may not be able to trust it anymore. Finally, the system will defend itself against all who seek any attenuation of its power. Like ancient Rome its 'bread and circus.' Outright suppression of dissent is more than possible. I am a patriot and a humanist. There are not many of us and many, many of them all protecting, goaltending actually, their prerogatives and power. They have perverted all of the organs of government. They own the Congress (Moscow Mitch) they own the Executive, and they own (or soon will ) the entire federal court system You may think me an alarmist but there are few in this country who will go up against this President. Jim, I believe it is still possible but time is running out. Peter's website: once more see under separate cover (email) Jerome Peloquin cell: (410) 227-0498 (Skype) fishfarms1 LinkedIn Profile email: Motto: benefacientes benefactis We grow healthy local food ... save fresh clean water ... create decent paying jobs. On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 6:10 PM Jim Preston wrote: Nice video! It should have gone viral. I’ve organized a lot of non-profits over the years. They are really hard to get going. No one has time even if they have the interest. It requires a lot of personal energy to launch them. Sometimes I let them die because the time needed to launch them is more than the results were worth to me. I think it helps to focus on a clear issue. While almost everyone agrees with sustainability they would probably respond better to just one issue. Maybe expand after that. This is what we do in business innovation. My original site for my project was I decided in December that it was too broad and changed it to what it is now. Paul is rolling with America 2.0 for his umbrella group. I think you forgot Peter’s link. Jim On Mar 30, 2020, at 2:46 PM, Jerome Peloquin wrote: Jim - Great meeting you Here is a video I did prior to Trump's election ... it was a PAC (I registered and still exists) I held the party and no one came? Actually, it lays out a rudimental model for the TBL which Peter Burgess has articulated. Here is his website ... it is not well presented by it is all there! I also drafted the attached short introduction as we plan a TVM Impact Fund ... more later btw we are in discussion with private equity groups in Dubai and The Netherlands, as well as NYC (...if it exists) See under separate cover jerry Jerome Peloquin cell: (410) 227-0498 (Skype) fishfarms1 LinkedIn Profile email: Motto: benefacientes benefactis We grow healthy local food ... save fresh clean water ... create decent paying jobs. 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Sustain America Final Draft 2 93 views • Sep 23, 2015 Sustain America 4 subscribers
Explains the Sustain America PAC, How we will create the political will to end the unfair and unjust system that has ruined our Democracy, destroyed our middle class, and trashed our reputation as a nation

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