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Company ... Insurance sector

The companies that have been combined into the modern Aviva company ... good for investors but probably an excessive amount of concentration of economic power


Peter Burgess


Our oldest constituent company began offering fire insurance to the people of London on 12 November 1696. Over the subsequent three hundred years, the companies which now make up the Aviva group have responded to customer needs providing every aspect of insurance cover, from life assurance to marine risks, and from employers' liability and motor insurance to plate glass and hail storm damage. Investigate the fascinating histories of these companies that have come together to make Aviva.

1 A B C E F G H I L M N O P R S T U W Y 1 131 Finsbury Pavement (No.1) Ltd A Accident Insurance Company (No. 1) Accident Insurance Company Ltd (No. 2) Accidental Death Insurance Company (No. 1) Accidental Death Insurance Company (No. 2) Amicable Society Australian Mutual Fire Insurance Society Automotor Finance Ltd Aviva Credit Services UK Ltd Aviva Insurance UK Ltd Aviva Insurance Ltd Aviva International Insurance Ltd B Bloomfield Land and Building Company Ltd Bon Accord Life and Fire Assurance Guarantee Reversionary and Annuity Co British General Insurance Company Ltd C Celtic Insurance Company Ltd CGNU Life Assurance Ltd CGU Bonus Ltd CGU Insurance Company (of Pennsylvania) CGU Underwriting Commercial Insurance Co of Ireland Ltd (No. 1) Commercial Insurance Co of Ireland Ltd (No. 2) Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd (No. 1) Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd (No. 2) Commercial Union Life Assurance Company Ltd Counties and General Insurance Company Ltd E Economic Fire Office Ltd Edinburgh Assurance Company Ltd Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd F Fine Art and General Insurance Company Ltd G General Accident and Employers' Liability Assurance Association Ltd General Accident Assurance Corporation Ltd General Accident Executor and Trustee Company Ltd General Accident Insurance Asia Ltd General Accident Pensions Management Ltd General Accident Reinsurance Company Ltd General Hail Storm Insurance Society Grampian Properties Ltd Guarantee and Suretyship Insurance Company Ltd H Hand in Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society Hastings & St Leonards & District Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Company Ltd Hercules Fire Insurance Company (No. 1) Hibernian General Insurance Ltd Hibernian Plate Glass Insurance Company Ltd I Imperial Live Stock and General Insurance Company Ltd Indemnity Marine Assurance Company Ltd L L'Abeille Compagnies d'Assurances Law Fidelity and General Insurance Corporation Lion Insurance Company Lion Life and Accident Insurance Company London and Scottish Assurance Corporation Ltd M Manchester Fire and Life Assurance Company N National Assurance Company of Ireland National Marine Insurance Association Ltd Newcastle Upon Tyne Fire Office North British and Mercantile Insurance Co Ltd Norwich and London Accident Insurance Association Norwich General Assurance Company Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Ltd Norwich Union Linked Life Assurance Ltd O Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Ltd Ocean Marine Insurance Company Ltd Ocean, Railway and General Accident Assurance Company Ltd Oldham Fire Insurance Company Ltd P Plate Glass Insurance Company of the City of London Ltd Provident Clerks' and General Accident Provident Mutual Life Assurance Ltd R Railway Passengers Assurance Company Ltd Road Transport and General Insurance Company Ltd S Scottish Accident Life and General Insurance Company Scottish Alliance Insurance Company Ltd Scottish Boiler and General Insurance Company Ltd Scottish General Insurance Company Scottish Insurance Corporation Ltd Scottish Live Stock Insurance Company Ltd South British Insurance Company Ltd Southern's Properties Ltd (No. 2) T The City of Glasgow Life Assurance Company The Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society The Guarantee Society Ltd The Lancashire and Yorkshire Insurance Company Ltd The Lancashire & Yorkshire Reversionary Interest Company Ltd The Mercantile Accident & Guarantee Company Ltd of Glasgow The Northern Assurance Company Ltd The Norwich Union Life Insurance Company Ltd The Property Estates and Reversion Company Ltd The Scottish National Insurance Company The Travellers' Insurance Association Ltd The White Cross Insurance Company Ltd (No. 2) U Ulster Marine Insurance Company Ltd Union Assurance Society Ltd (No. 2) Union Insurance Company United Kingdom Life Assurance Company Universal Life Assurance Society W West of England Fire and Life Insurance Company West of Scotland Insurance Office Ltd White Cross Insurance Association Ltd (No. 1) White Cross Insurance Association Ltd (No. 2) Y Yorkshire Insurance Company Ltd

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