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James Teague

James Teague ... President & CEO International Labour relations ... Tulsa, Oklahoma Area ... Management Consulting


Peter Burgess

1stAccount Holder James Teague President & CEO International Labour relations Tulsa, Oklahoma AreaManagement Consulting Current International Labor Relations Previous Labor Relations Institute, Inc., AFL-CIO USW SEIU Teamsters NOITU, Organized Labor Education Soldotna Alaska School for the Gifted 500+ connectionsSend a messageMore options Relationship Contact Info Connected 24 seconds ago Background Summary Loyal, Relentless, Driven, Competitive, Strategic. Experience President & CEO ~ When Losing Is NOT An Option! International Labor Relations January 2006 – Present (8 years)Hawaii Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego Denver Chicago New York Guam For the last 7+ years I have dedicated my professional career to Labor Relations Consulting. My specialty is Campaign Consulting. When a company is petitioned by the Union through the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the employees engage in an election to vote yes or no to the Union that lasts but a few short weeks. We work with the employees and the Company to ensure they maintain a direct relationship with the Company. We believe so strongly in maintaing a direct relationship, we fight for the employee's right to make a fully informed choice and don't stop until we receive a Union withdrawal or an election win. As former Executive Vice President, for the last 7+ years I have overseen a large group of Labor Consultants with a diverse set of backgrounds. Our Consultants consisted of labor attorneys, former union officials, former union organizers, and former National Labor Relations Board agents. I have personally overseen the management of hundreds of Federal cases each year with over a 91% success rating. I am now the President & CEO of International Labor Relations, a highly specialized firm. Our core belief is that employees and employers should maintain a direct relationship. This is done through positive employee relations training. Being union free is not a right. It is something the employer must earn. We are a large group of former union officials, former NLRB Board Agents, and labor attorneys who have dedicated our expertise to aggressively educate employees about the pros and cons of unionization. We work with clients from a variety of industries: agriculture, food distribution, transportation, healthcare, eldercare, gaming, communications, product distribution, security, manufacturing, hospitality, fast food, energy, shipping, and so on. We work directly with management and employees to mediate and consult on best practices. Choose International Labor Relations ( when losing is not an option. Executive vice president Labor Relations Institute, Inc. January 2006 – April 2013 (7 years 4 months) As Executive Vice President I oversee a large group of labor consultants with a diverse set of backgrounds. Our consultants consist of labor attorneys, former union officials, former union organizers, and former National Labor Relations Board agents. I personally oversee the managing of hundreds of Federal cases each year with over a 91% success rating. Organized Labor AFL-CIO USW SEIU Teamsters NOITU January 1989 – January 2006 (17 years 1 month) International Organizing Director, Director of Corporate Campaigns and Strategic Projects. Lead Organizer and union salt. Director of Corporate Campaigns Organized Labor January 1988 – January 2006 (18 years 1 month) Languages cherokee Skills & Expertise Most endorsed for... 91Organizational... 63Training 53Employment Law 49Management 39Industrial Relations 33HR Policies 32Personnel Management 30Policy 30Workforce Planning 29Human Resources James also knows about... 27Employee Handbooks 23Employee Training 22Coaching 21HR Consulting 21Labor Strategy 20Leadership 20Union Avoidance Training 19Arbitration 19Hiring 18Talent Acquisition 18Team Building 17Onboarding 17Interviews 16Benefits Administration 14Public Speaking See 25+ Education Soldotna Alaska School for the Gifted 1985 – 1989 Platt College 1987 – 1988 Webster High Additional Info Interests Teaching Union Avoidance Techniques, Early Warning Signs of Union Organizing, Helping Employers Create a Positive Employee Workplace. I Also Love to Compete in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Judo. Camping with my family, Jet Sking, and Snow Boarding. Personal Details Birthday June 4, 1966 Marital Status Married Organizations Additional Organizations Member of the Oklahoma Skydiving Association, A Member of Triton Fight Center, Competitor at 205 lbs Mixed Martial Arts, National Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association, A Member of NAGA, National American Grapplig Association, Grapplers Quest Compediter and CLEET Certified. Recommendations Peter, would you like to recommend James? Recommend James ConnectionsShared (1) Ashley BransonAshley Branson1st Structured Finance & Asset-based Lending PreviousNext Groups Labor Negotiators Forum Labor Negotiators Forum Join Lean CEO Lean CEO Join Pacific Islander Professionals of Asia-Pacific & Oceania Pacific Islander Professionals of Asia-Pacific & Oceania Join Following Influencers Richard Branson Founder at Virgin... Follow Tim Brown CEO at IDEO Follow Daniel Goleman Author of FOCUS:... Follow Nicholas Thompson Editor of... Follow News Leadership & Management Leadership & Management 2,078,714 followers Follow Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies 1,457,724 followers Follow Big Ideas & Innovation Big Ideas & Innovation 1,422,990 followers Follow Social Media Social Media 1,530,258 followers Following Companies Mondelēz International Food Production Follow TEAGUE Design Follow Institute for the Future Think Tanks Follow SHRM Nonprofit Organization Management Follow The Executive Leadership Council Nonprofit Organization Management Follow Teague Law Law Practice Follow

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