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Jim Edwards ... 10 REAL Steps To a SERIOUS Online Business


Peter Burgess

10 REAL Steps To a SERIOUS Online Business

I got this question from one of my “7 Day Ebook V2.0” customers today:

“I’m so tired of empty online guru promises. How do I build something that will create income in the short-term and build a real, scalable business in the long-term?”
You have to start small and build step by step. In fact, here are the 10 steps I’ve used repeatedly to build up my own online businesses.

1. Find “the” niche Find the niche that’s right for you! That means you have a high level of passion for it, you love to DO things in it, and you get enormous satisfaction from spending time in the niche. By the way, I wrote an entire article on just this topic of finding your passion.

2. Create Your “flagship” product You need to be “known” in the niche for something. Whether it’s an ebook, a popular blog, or a series of videos, you need what I call a “flagship” product that people can love, tell others about, and build your reputation.

3. Build a following Nobody makes it online without a following. Whether it’s blog subscribers, email subscribers, or Facebook followers, you need an audience that follows you. You’ve got to capture and hold people’s attention over the long haul and build that audience.

4. Write & Publish new, related ebooks People in a niche want more and more all the time. Think about it. How many books do you own by the same author, especially if you’re passionate about a topic? If people like you and like your stuff, they will pay for more ebooks BY you! You must publish consistently for the SAME niche.

5. Keep growing your following You must keep growing your list with new members of your niche. If you don’t, you’ll fail over the long term, no matter how successful you find yourself in the short term. Build your list by consistently doing several of these strategies:

  • - Webinars
  • - Teleseminars
  • - Media Buys
  • - Guest Blogging
  • - Free Reports
  • - Article Marketing
  • - Blogging
  • - Videos
  • - “Smart” Social Media
6. Offer related eclasses A popular ebook needs an interactive class based on the ebook. A significant number of people who buy your book would LOVE to interact with you more, and eclasses based on your more popular ebooks make a great way to do just that.

7. Offer “specific” high-end coaching Some people will want even MORE interaction with you than just an eclass. You can offer 1-on-1 or email coaching around one specific topic in your flagship product for individuals willing to pay extra for more help.

8. Grow Relationships Never lose sight of the fact that you must always actively engage in the process of building your following and maintaining, growing, and developing your relationship with them. The people who win are the ones with the most, deepest, and most meaningful relationships with members of their niche. “Churn and burn” gurus will get what they always get in the end – a rude awakening!

9. Stick to Fundamentals Stay away from fads, “bright shiny objects” and all the latest bullshit. No matter what niche you’re in, there’s always something new and wonderful that ultimately turns into a “ho-hum” experience. Stick with what works and follow your passion in and for the niche. Consistency and intensity ultimately win the day, not the latest and greatest.

10. Be an “Authentic” Leader Keep your eye on the horizon for trends that will have a major impact (positive or negative) on your business, your niche, or the way you communicate with your group. Be the one who spots the real trends and leads people forward. An “authentic” leader helps, guides, and protects his or her followers. A leader THINKS about the impact their actions have on their followers and does NOT do everything just to turn a dollar.

TRUTH: Most people stop at either step 2 or 3 (if they even get to stage 1).

My opinion: It takes 12-24 months to do this fully… and then you must work it like a real business. Most people get bored or it doesn’t happen fast enough, so they just move on to the next thing — and the “gurus” are more than happy to take their money with promises of easy riches.

People would much rather believe there’s some “glitch” or “secret” or “magic” that will get them what they want. Very few will embrace the fact it really comes down to hard, smart, consistent, passionate work and that (online) success is a journey. But those who do will find the success they want and much, MUCH more!

If you’re serious about starting that journey – or moving further down the trail – then you need to join us on “The Jim Boat 2013: Cut The Crap cruise!” This is the real deal for what’s working online RIGHT NOW and produces REAL RESULTS! Get all the details here:

Jim Edwards
Friday, September 21st, 2012
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