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Jim Edwards ... How To Create an eBook (in 24 Hours)


Peter Burgess

How To Create an eBook (in 24 Hours)

Here’s a problem many people – especially creative people – struggle with all the time. It goes something like this:

“I have started several (e)books, but never finished any of them. How can I get something that I can sell finished and ready to go quickly?”

The problem most people encounter with getting an ebook done comes down to 2 major roadblocks.

#1: They can’t keep their content organized enough to create something that feels like a book.

#2: Their strategy for getting their ebook done takes too damn long!

Here’s a strategy for both keeping it organized AND getting it done so you can knock out an ebook in as little as 24 hours (actually a lot less than that).

Ready? Here it is.

Think in terms of a “list” and not a “book.”

A “book” is complicated. It has too many moving parts.

A “list” is simple. It has a beginning, middle, and end.

People love to make lists and they love to get lists. It helps everyone stay organized mentally and creates neat little compartments into which things fit.

So… don’t write a book – create a list!

Create an ebook based on a list of things your target audience really wants to know (especially if they want FAST results).

Lists that typically work in ANY niche market include:

  • Top 7 Secrets

  • Top 7 Mistakes

  • Top 10 Tools

  • Top 10 Questions

  • Top 7 Things To Avoid

  • Top 10 Lies People Tell

Also, the numbers 7 and 10 work like magic for this purpose. (Don’t ask why, just accept those numbers as THE ones to use.)

If you organize your ebook as a list, you can focus much more easily on getting it written. You can also outsource the research much more easily too.

Cool Tool Alert (FREE)

A great place to look for lists you can draw from is People publish lists on a number of different topics and it can get your mind percolating really fast on different things you could write about (or pay someone to write about). And, since you can see how popular a list is, it can also help you quickly gauge interest in the topic.

Second, now that you have a list, you need a strategy for getting your ebook created fast! That too is simple.

Use what I’ve dubbed the “3 by 3″ model. Take your 7 or 10 list points and quickly come up with the 3 points you’d like to make about each main one. Then, come up with 3 sub-points for each of those.

That will give you between 63 (7 x 3 x 3) and 90 (10 x 3 x 3) “nuggets” to use in constructing your ebook. Each point just needs to be a couple sentences long. You can either write it out or (faster) talk it out on a conference line as an interview with a friend and then get the recording transcribed.

Ebooks don’t have to be as long as books. In fact, most people prefer ebooks that get to the point rather than ramble on endlessly.

Using this strategy will net you an ebook in the range of 20-45 pages, depending on how much you write or how long you talk about each point.

Bottom line: if you struggle to get your ebook (or book) done quickly, using this list model along with my “3 by 3″ strategy will help you get it done FAST! And certainly MUCH faster than you would get it done by any other method!

By the way, if you’d like to know how to turn your ideas into saleable ebooks faster than you ever dreamed possible, then you need to check out “How To Write and Publish Your Own eBook… In as little as 7 Days!” Get all the details here:

by Jim Edwards
Posted on September 4, 2012
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